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I followed exactly step by step as greenpoison'guide. But I cannot enter to DFU mode. many times i try to enter DFU mode, my ipod always start normally. I don't think that I do in wrong way because I tried with my friend ipod ( 4th gen), and greenpoison work well. Please help me!!! Thank you in advance!

asked 10 Feb '11, 03:31

poseidonnh's gravatar image


edited 17 Feb '11, 20:09

All idevices should be able to enter DFU, this is basic to a proper functioning iPod, if both power and home buttons are functioning properly without a flakey contact then you should be able to enter DFU mode.

An alternative to the timer is to listen to the sounds from the computer (windows) as the device goes through different phases before reaching the DFU mode as follows:

Step 1: Connect iPhone to PC, you hear a sound for recognizing the phone.

Step 2: hold down the power button until you see "Slide to turn Off", slide to tunr your phone off, you will hear a sound from the PC as the USB is released (USB Out).

Step 3: Run GP for the Jailbreak.

Step 4: do not follow the steps exactly as they appear on the GP program, start by pressing the power button for 1-2 seconds not more (i found you can also skip this step on most devices).

Step 5: without releaseing the power button hold the home button at the same time, keep holding until you get a sound from the PC (USB in), this will happen less than 10 seconds from holding both buttons.

Step 6: Now release the power button but keep holding the home button, in about 15 seconds you will hear another sound and if all goes well, your device should be blank and the device in DFU mode. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN ON YOUR DEVICE (well, you can't do that anyway). You can now press the jailbreak button in GP.


answered 10 Feb '11, 03:55

knightz4u's gravatar image


Firstly, thank you for your reply. But i still have problem with my ipod. It's 2nd gen, MC model. I connect it with my PC, turn off ipod and now, there is a sound from PC. Then, run GP. OK, the problem is after holding "sleep button" 1-2 seconds ( now i can see the apple's logo), I holded both sleep button and Home button ------> apple logo is still on the ipod screen. It didn't disappear. If I keep holding 2 button to 10 seconds or more, and release the power button, there is only sound from pc recognize that my iPod is connect to pc in normal mode. What should I do now???

(10 Feb '11, 05:38) poseidonnh poseidonnh's gravatar image

MC model should not affect this. try again, however do not use step that starts with you pressing the power button for 2 seconds, instead start at the step after that where you hold both buttons for about 10 seconds. after the 10 seconds release the power button but maintain the home button pressed at all times. I hope this works, it might help to keep the buttons pressed tightly in case you have a flakey button.

(10 Feb '11, 06:10) knightz4u knightz4u's gravatar image

I so tired of jb my ipod. Power and home button aren't flakey, they work well. I do don't know what to do now. I try so many way and times to jb but it not work because I still cannot reach DFU mode. Maybe I have to look for with iOS 4.2.1 @@

Anyway, thank you so much.

(10 Feb '11, 10:49) poseidonnh poseidonnh's gravatar image

use redsn0w..with the guide here


answered 10 Feb '11, 04:02

yousafkh's gravatar image


I already used redsn0w, but my ipod is 2nd gen, MC model and I still cannot enter DFU mode too. :( so sad

(10 Feb '11, 05:40) poseidonnh poseidonnh's gravatar image

same I need help too :( same mc model


answered 10 Feb '11, 05:41

fishbunneh's gravatar image


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