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i have an iphone 4 locked i need to know the carrier which is locked to

asked 02 Apr '12, 11:29

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Go to Settings -> General -> About and report back the Model number, this should give an idea about its original area/country to help narrow down original carrier possibility within that area/country.


answered 02 Apr '12, 11:38

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mc605c i know its from canada but im not sure about carrier

(02 Apr '12, 16:33) Eliogab Eliogab's gravatar image

There is a free utility for windows called iTools 2012. There are two versions Chinese and English. You can google for a place to download.

After running iTools, in the middle pane click on Details button. It will display a bunch of good information about the connected iPhone. Scroll a little down, it will tell which carrier the phone is locked to.


answered 02 Apr '12, 18:02

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Exactly where it is written could you tell me please If it is possible as early you can thanks

(26 Apr '12, 10:25) tegin90 tegin90's gravatar image

After clicking Details button, scroll down to see Operator field. However, after AT&T unlocked my iPhone 4 (IMEI unlock), iTools doesn't show the Operator field anymore. I "assume" because it's factory unlocked now. Good luck

(26 Apr '12, 13:14) hcgaloi hcgaloi's gravatar image

if you dont wish to download a program, there's an easy solution. There's a website called: http://they-now-charge-a-dollar-so-no-linky-here What you need to do is enter the IMEI and the carrier info is available in secs only. May it help


answered 23 Jun '12, 03:57

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After 11 weeks, they've either figured it out or moved on with their lives, I suspect. :P

(23 Jun '12, 04:00) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

hahaha... gud one... but dis 1 is for those who google it or search it here... :D creating an extra post is not a good idea.. I suppose :p

(23 Jun '12, 04:15) AkashBR AkashBR's gravatar image

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