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PLEASE DON'T TELL ME I'M SCREWED.. I CAN'T GET ITUNES TO RECOGNIZE the phone or anything.. so i cant even friggin restore it >.>

asked 09 Feb '11, 21:27

chadopa's gravatar image


edited 09 Feb '11, 21:38

Chances are that you iPhone is fine :) at worst you might need to restore, lol, but your iPhone isnt bricked or anything

(09 Feb '11, 21:32) Skelsey Skelsey's gravatar image

how do you restore if you cant get into itunes?

(09 Feb '11, 21:36) chadopa chadopa's gravatar image

Man your fine you need to calm down ill help you, You need to do a resore. The reason that you can connect to iTunes is because your iPhone cannot get "Fully Booted" This is because it is stuck in the Bootloader. Connect your Phone to the computer while its stuck on the bootloader hold HOME + SLEEP untill the screen goes black. Immideatly release HOME and just hold Sleep for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds Hold both HOME + POWER again for 10 Seconds. After 10 seconds Release Sleep and just hold Home for 15 seconds. Eventually your computer should recognize that your iPhone is in DFU mode and you will be able to restore.

IF by some chance that this dosnt work boot your iPhone out of DFU by holding HOME + POWER for around 10 seconds or untill you hear a beep on your computer. Then unplug your iPhone and try booting it. As soon as the Apple Bootloader comes up Plug your cord into your iPhone and hold HOME at the same time. This will boot into recovery mode. Try to recover from there

If by some chance these two options dont seem to work i have several others that might

Greenpois0n Fix First boot your iPhone on and plug it in the computer. Run Greenpois0n and then follow the exatct instructions to put your phone into DFU. Click jailbreak and let it run. Your phone should boot


answered 09 Feb '11, 22:39

Monroe's gravatar image


Dude the question had already been answered :) but nice guide.

(09 Feb '11, 22:41) Skelsey Skelsey's gravatar image


(09 Feb '11, 23:12) Monroe Monroe's gravatar image

Howdy. does it power up at all? if not, hold the power and home buttons for about 15 seconds and it should then come back up.

Is it in an infinite boot loop or what exactly is it doing? :)


p.s. Battery didnt die did it?


answered 09 Feb '11, 21:29

JJMAN's gravatar image


edited 09 Feb '11, 21:30

Well, i downloaded something off cydia and the second it finished it gave me a warning saying springboard crashed. so it reset the phone... but the boot logo stays on indefinetly. it spins into skull, then the loading circle comes up for about ten minutes, then the circle freezes.. i left the phone for 45 mins in the boot logo to see if it just needed time but still nothing. :'(

(09 Feb '11, 21:33) chadopa chadopa's gravatar image

Sounds like a pretty serious crash. Honestly if it wont come up at all, you cant get into cydia to even remove anything or work on the phone. looks like a restore of 4.2.1 and rejailbreak? thats if its just locked like you say. Unless someone else has something they can add. Sorry man :( it can be allot of work setting these things up for sure.

Good Luck!


p.s. You should be able to hook to itunes and restore it. If it wont, Hold the power and home buttons till it turns black. Hook to itunes and itll let you restore then.

(09 Feb '11, 21:36) JJMAN JJMAN's gravatar image

I don't know how to restore my iphone without itunes? itunes doesnt recognize the phone at all so i can't restore it...

(09 Feb '11, 21:37) chadopa chadopa's gravatar image

Hold the home and power buttons till it shuts off. If your computer does NOT detect it, try another computer and see if it will detect it. Is it possible the battery is totally dead on it?

(09 Feb '11, 21:40) JJMAN JJMAN's gravatar image

To restore you have to put your iPhone into dfu mode, and reinstall firmware from iTunes, you can find guides if youdo a quick google might try either running GP again or try to use redsnow to "boot tethered" though I doubt either of the two latter options will work


answered 09 Feb '11, 21:40

Skelsey's gravatar image


I had to do a bold and brisk move.. i put it into dfu using the jailbreak, and opened itunes while it was jailbreaking.. and itunes recognized it so i hit restore, and once it started restoring i quickly closed the jailbreak.

(09 Feb '11, 21:41) chadopa chadopa's gravatar image

You could have just opened iTunes and put it into dfu by counting, the jailbreak just gives you an easy timer to follow :) but glad to hear you are at least getting your iPhone back up an running. Btw. Don't reinstall that theme or whatever


answered 09 Feb '11, 21:45

Skelsey's gravatar image


i wouldnt dare redl. hahah thanks for the advice and help! :D

(09 Feb '11, 21:48) chadopa chadopa's gravatar image

You bet, be sure to give JJMAN a thumbs up :) help his karma

(09 Feb '11, 21:51) Skelsey Skelsey's gravatar image
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