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Looking to upgrade my jailbroken and unlocked iPhone to 5.0.1. Will doing so wreck the unlock and prevent me from using T-Mobile?

I've downloaded TinyUmbrella and I've checked to see that I have the proper SHSH blobs (I do). Also, I'm on baseband 05.13.04. Will I need to flash it to 06.15.00 when I upgrade the jailbreak?

In short, I'm not super technical with all this - what do I need to do, and is this possible?

Thanks all!


I have found out that I am using the new bootrom, from sn0wbreeze. Will this force me to switch to a new baseband, or will the customizing/stitching process maintain my baseband on 05.13.04?

just follow curlys answer below. you would stay on 5.13.04

(11 Mar '12, 19:05) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

When prompted with the dialogue box 'Do you want to activate your iPhone?', should I go yes or no? I want to remain unlocked and using T-Mobile.

Sorry for the barrage of questions, I'm unfamiliar with all this. Thanks for being so helpful!

(11 Mar '12, 19:21) scaevola scaevola's gravatar image

If you have a sim of the carrier where unit is locked to, click no and insert the sim when restoring. If you don't have carrier sim choose yes to hactivate.

(11 Mar '12, 20:23) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

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1) You will need to make a custom 5.0.1 firmware with either sn0wbreeze or pwnageTool. This will preserve your baseband. (Guides on both tools are here)

Because 5.0.1 is no longer being signed, you also need to take the SHSH you have with TinyUmbrella and stitch them into that custom firmware using Redsn0w.

2) In redsn0w you will go to "Extras- SHSH Blobs- Stitch" Then give it the custom ipsw you just made in step one and the 5.0.1 SHSH you saved with TinyUmbrella.

3) Restore to that custom, stitched ipsw while in PWN DFU and you're good to go.


answered 11 Mar '12, 17:04

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cybr1d ♦

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