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On the iPhone there are several SQLite databases. Transfering them to the computer, they can be easily inspected etc. The SQLite database tools are open-sourced and have almost no dependencies. I would like to use the command line tool on the iPhone itself. Has anybody ever compiled it for iOS? Is the executable downloadable somewhere?

asked 24 Feb '12, 18:12

http's gravatar image

http ♦

Type sqlite3 into mobileterminal (install sqlite from if it's not already installed)


answered 25 Feb '12, 14:44

gecko's gravatar image


That's what I wanted. I should've done a simple search in Cydia - I wasn't aware that Saurik created a package for that already, as it is only one file.

(26 Feb '12, 16:36) http ♦ http's gravatar image

There's an app HERE but has a UI rather than command line. Not sure how it goes with iOS 5+, but maybe worth testing.


answered 25 Feb '12, 00:04

iphpwn4's gravatar image

iphpwn4 ♦

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately it's an AppStore app, which means you cannot simply open any database file on the system and import/export sucks. Maybe copying the DBs into/out of this tool with iFile would work? But I don't need the GUI part anyway. For $15 it's quite expensive and the only commenter says it's crashing. So I'm still looking for the compiled standard command line binary of sqlite. If nobody has it, I'll try to compile myself.

(25 Feb '12, 04:57) http ♦ http's gravatar image
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