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(1) I "upgrade" my jailbreak iphone 4 from 4.3.2 to iOS 5.01 last night. But after jailbreak to 5.01, I am not able to install any of my previous (jailbreak) apps. Help!

(2) Furthermore, I have lost all my data from my previous apps. Any way to get them back? (3) One of my concern is how do I know if I have actually successfully jailbreak. Does having Cydia installed count? (4) Is it possible to "unjailbreak" once the iphone is jailbreak? If I can't figure out what happen, maybe will need to go to this option.

asked 21 Feb '12, 22:55

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1:- Are you having any specific error? 2:-If you have backed up your data prior to upgrading/jailbreaking, a restore from backup will get all your data back. 3:-Yes, having Cydia is a sure way to know. 4:- you can remove a jailbreak by simply restoring again.

(21 Feb '12, 22:58) caughtinflux caughtinflux's gravatar image
  1. Iphone shows "Unable to install apps name" Don't get this message on iTunes. Can't even install whatsapp from iTune.
(22 Feb '12, 02:41) newbie newbie's gravatar image

  1. What jailbreak apps can't you install back?

  2. Restore from your back up in iTunes.

  3. If you have cydia you're jailbroken.

  4. Restore in iTunes to unjailbreak


answered 21 Feb '12, 23:00

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cybr1d ♦

edited 22 Feb '12, 21:49

  1. All apps. Not even whatsapp.
(22 Feb '12, 02:43) newbie newbie's gravatar image

What issues are you having installing cydia apps? You will have to go into itunes and restore from a backup to get your previously saved back up (you did back up your device before the jailbreak right?). To "unjailbreak" simply hook up to itunes and hit the restore button, if you are preserving baseband you will need to use a custom redsnow ipsw to restore


answered 21 Feb '12, 23:01

therealcmac's gravatar image


Currently I am not able to install any apps from iTunes (latest version), not even whatsapp from my iTunes. Yes,I have a backup in iTunes.

No error shown on iTunes. But in iPhone shows something like "unable to install apps name on the phone"

Let me tell you what I did, perhaps one of the procedures I did was incorrect. I upgraded to 5.0.1 by using redsn0w no baseband method. I managed to follow the procedures till the restore part. I manage to get 5.0.1 but no Cydia and unable to restore my apps.

I then run redsn0w again and this time using the jailbreak and install Cydia method. Now I have Cydia but still I cannot install any apps.

(22 Feb '12, 01:11) newbie newbie's gravatar image

hmmm, it is accepting your itunes password? Is info in your icloud setup the same as your itunes acct? Have you tried rebooting?

(22 Feb '12, 02:02) therealcmac therealcmac's gravatar image

yes, it is accepting my itunes password. No, I have not setup icloud. Rebooting from iphone? I have off and on my iphone. Does this consider as reboot?

(22 Feb '12, 02:11) newbie newbie's gravatar image

i would try a hard reboot (home and power till it shuts of and starts) and set up icloud, at least get your info in there, i actually dont know if that is necessary but it is worth a shot1

(22 Feb '12, 02:20) therealcmac therealcmac's gravatar image

I have just done a hard reboot. Can only check out if anything change when I am in front of my home computer. Can I have iTune on different computers and check?

(22 Feb '12, 02:45) newbie newbie's gravatar image

-I just re-read your question, what exactly do you mean by jailbreak apps? You are talking cydia tweaks or cracked apps?

(22 Feb '12, 02:57) therealcmac therealcmac's gravatar image

Just to report back. A hard reboot actually solve the problem.


answered 22 Feb '12, 20:25

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