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Hi guys, I have a Redsn0w-jailbroken iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1. that is working fine on AT&T's GoPhone plan. But it won't send MMS through Messages. It will, however, send MMS as an iMessage when on Wifi. But only then. MMS as a regular Message always hangs then fails, then I get the exclamation point alert.

The person at the AT&T store reset my network settings before giving me a new MicroSIM. I don't see any editable APN settings etc, as with my earlier iPhones. What should I do? I'm really worried Jenn Sterger will lose interest...

While on the AT&T GoPhone subject: I've heard that I can turn on and turn off mobile internet for 30 days for $5 (covering like 10MB of data). That could be handy. Do I need to adjust my settings to make that possible?

Sorry if someone already asked about these things and I didn't find the thread. I did search JBQA and AT&T's help pages before posting. Please direct to me earlier Q&As if out there.

Thank you very much! Scott

asked 16 Feb '12, 11:41

Scott_E's gravatar image


Hi all, I've come up with a solution for this. Craig at told me I needed to buy TetherMe from Cydia for $5. I did and “Cellular Data Network” became available in Settings>General>Network and is now editable. Then entered the MMS settings here (i.e. replacing the settings installed by TetherMe):

MMS just successfully sent with cellular data turned on (thanks to GoPhone Data Profile downloaded from With cell data off, MMS won't send.

So, I now have data and MMS working with a AT&T GoPhone, and a $5/10MB/30day data "feature." Very pleased.


answered 21 Feb '12, 19:11

Scott_E's gravatar image


Cellular data will not work on a gophone sim unless you use a custom profile from The deathstar (ATT) does not want iphones used on a gophone plan so data is blocked from them on iphones. Yes the network knows you have an iphone. Most ATT reps wont even work with an iphone as a gophone device, they will say "not allowed". Please note, this will not allow mms either, but gives you a way for data to work


answered 16 Feb '12, 16:51

theiphoneguy's gravatar image

theiphoneguy ♦

edited 16 Feb '12, 20:23

Thanks iphoneguy. Interestingly, I got my aunt an iPhone 4 for XMAS this year, then we went to the AT&T store for a GoPhone Microsim. The AT&T store rep said they couldn't do a microsim for goPhone because their computer system would reject it. I don't think he was lying because he told me we could cut a regular GoPhone sim to fit. So I went back and got a regular GoPhone SIM from AT&T and cut it to fit. Worked fine. But, a couple weeks ago, I called an AT&T store and asked if they could do a microsim for goPhone and they said yes. I went over and they set it up with a microsim no problem on my iPhone 4. Weird that they've come around on GoPhone iPhones, but won't allow MMS. Or that they don't want my MMS money, since they charge a little more per MMS than for SMSs.

Anyway, so MMS relies on a regular mobile data connection, not whatever wireless connection SMS uses? And a carrier like T-Mobile, which could send MMS on a prepay plan, was letting me use their data network to send an MMS?

Thanks, se

(16 Feb '12, 23:06) Scott_E Scott_E's gravatar image

they havent come around on gophone iphones, you just got a couple att in store reps that didnt care

(17 Feb '12, 00:01) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

I successfully loaded a new profile from, which enabled cellular data on my AT&T GoPhone ($5/10MB for 30 days). Works great. I then emailed the guy about MMS solutions and he recommended this:

It involves swapping in a T-Mobile SIM after loading the unlockit profile, which should make the Cellular Data & MMS settings appear in Settings. Didn't work for me with an inactive, old T-Mobile SIM that I cut to fit a microsim tray. But the cut was good and the iPhone recognized the sim. Anyone familiar with this MMS technique? Should I retry with an active T-Mobile sim, cut to fit?

(19 Feb '12, 11:16) Scott_E Scott_E's gravatar image

p.s. I saw talk online of some Cydia app called Supreme Preferences 3.0 that could enable editing of cell data settings. After trying several dead Cydia repos, I found a working version, but post-install, it didn't do anything, except change the looks of my Settings app icon. Perhaps it only works with iOS4, not iOS5? Anyway, is there an MMS solution for a Jailbroken iPhone4 using an AT&T GoPhone plan?

(19 Feb '12, 11:22) Scott_E Scott_E's gravatar image

if you need the settings spot to appear, just search cydia for "apn editor" and it will show the cellular data network in settings>general>network

(19 Feb '12, 13:24) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Thanks. I tried "APN Editor" from Cydia version 1.0 earlier and that didn't work.

(19 Feb '12, 14:49) Scott_E Scott_E's gravatar image

edit: I DL'd "APN Editing" v 1.0, and that doesn't work. Says it's a "Half-Installed Package" and doesn't change settings. No "APN Editor" I can find. Will look more.

(19 Feb '12, 14:59) Scott_E Scott_E's gravatar image

Another way to trick it to show:

Install ultrasnow from cydia (ya i know you dont need it for an unlock), and then go to settings>general>network, and while on that screen pop the sim tray out a little and push it back in. Do not tap on the no sim message in between. it should make "cellular network data" appear If this doesnt work with the att sim, try with the tmobile sim

(19 Feb '12, 15:05) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Thanks. But it didn't work with either sim for me.

(19 Feb '12, 15:40) Scott_E Scott_E's gravatar image
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