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Does jailbreaking my iphone 4s 5.0.1 mean that the imei number is not recognised by my carrier?I have a phone i need to unlock the imei number as the optus carrier has locked my iphone as it was reported lost or stollen! its not mine and i cant find out whos it is as the person deleted all the contact info so i cannot return it to anyone and dont want to waist it!

asked 03 Feb '12, 02:39

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edited 03 Feb '12, 03:05

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spockers ♦♦

Funny how you say "my" imei in the title, then in the body "my iphone," "my carrier," "my iphone" AGAIN, followed by "its not mine."

(03 Feb '12, 02:56) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

well it wasnt mine but is now to bad i cant contact the owner as i said i didnt find it the person before me did and didnot try to return it and deleated all the numbers. it was then passed onto me to see if it could be fixed cause i have a go at fixing things. if i find something that can be returned return it. So keep your smart ass coments to yourself cant you find better things to do with your time.

(03 Feb '12, 03:14) Joeybw Joeybw's gravatar image

If you thought I was a smart-ass before, you might be better off skipping the parts below where I rip you a new asshole.

I'll take your points one at a time: 1: "well it wasnt mine but is now to bad i cant contact the owner as i said i didnt find it the person before me did and didnot try to return it and deleated all the numbers"

Capitalization and spelling aren't your strong suits, fair enough. Simple logic, ditto. What do you bring to the table other than possession of stolen goods? Indeed, too bad you can't contact the owner, as any responsible citizen, any good guy would do!

You've admirably gone so far as to ask for advise on how to obfuscate the phone on the network. The police will be very interested in this part. Oh, you didn't know about law enforcement's role in returning stolen goods to the righful owners? Simply turn it in to law enforcement, they have people on-staff whose job it is to "have a go" at fixing things. They have a different definition of fixing things than you do, though, it involves returning property. Your definition "fixes things" to your advantage.

As for my time, that's not your concern, but I don't spend it stealing iPhones and then posting stupid questions on forums about how to get away with it.

(03 Feb '12, 03:32) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

What does this stupid guy thinks of the idea of someone going into his house and get his ps3, pc, xbox? Dont be mad when this happens to you joeybw, be as happy as you are now.

(03 Feb '12, 18:15) facsi facsi's gravatar image

No. You know why it was reported lost or stolen? Because it's


Let me guess, it fell out of the sky and hit you on the head, causing your current mental fog.


The only thing "waist"ed is the money spent failing to educate you.


answered 03 Feb '12, 02:39

spockers's gravatar image

spockers ♦♦

edited 03 Feb '12, 02:46

get a life!

(03 Feb '12, 03:17) Joeybw Joeybw's gravatar image

and you get a job then you can buy a iphone :)

(03 Feb '12, 03:28) kralle kralle's gravatar image

@joeybw, you got to understand that a lost iphone is practically a stolen one if its found, as you didnt return it to the law/police it will be seen stolen be cause your keeping it for yourself. do yourself a favor and just hand it in to the police.... you'll feel better about yourself :)

(03 Feb '12, 04:07) InevitableDJ InevitableDJ's gravatar image

In Australia you would be charged with "Stealing by finding". It's written in law.

(03 Feb '12, 04:11) iphpwn4 ♦ iphpwn4's gravatar image

thief. Shame on you and on your family!

(03 Feb '12, 17:35) facsi facsi's gravatar image

from signing up for ths program WILL find the iphone JB or not


answered 03 Feb '12, 17:40

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