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So what exactly is the difference?

I know you may need to respring to enable winterboard themes and when install some packages.

I know that the device requires a rebbot when installing winterboard (?) the first time, and a few (very few) other packages.

What does each one do? For example, do .plists modifications require a reboot?

asked 28 Jan '12, 08:51

nmdelrio's gravatar image


A respring only restarts the SpringBoard without turning the Device off. A reboot turns the Device off completly. Some packages require a reboot only if MobileSubstrate requires it. Winterboard, for example, is very powerful and it play alot with the iOS filesystem and MobileSubstrate thus requiring a Reboot before use so that MobileSubstrat can play well with it.


answered 28 Jan '12, 08:58

iKrill's gravatar image


edited 28 Jan '12, 09:00


Also, a respring does not restart the baseband. This can be valuable --- active network connections (ie: ssh) remain active ;)

(28 Jan '12, 12:18) Mes Mes's gravatar image

That's just way cool.

Aaah, now I realise I can respring and still stay connected to IExplorer or iTunes.

(28 Jan '12, 12:22) nmdelrio nmdelrio's gravatar image

Also, there is no way to tell if a package will require a reboot or not ;) Only some like Winterboard will always reboot.

(28 Jan '12, 13:57) iKrill iKrill's gravatar image

FYI nmdelrio: I know ssh connections remain. Not sure about anything else. Most current processes are restarted which implies iTunes (and most everything else) should also be restarted.

(28 Jan '12, 16:29) Mes Mes's gravatar image

Think of it being similar to the Log Off and Restart functions on your computer. One keeps the OS core running while one completely shuts it down before coming back.


answered 28 Jan '12, 08:58

kralle's gravatar image


Even smaller scale, Logging Off and Switching Users on Windows.

(04 Feb '12, 13:55) iKrill iKrill's gravatar image
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