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my 3G was orignially from the USA I have it unlocked and jb'd currently. According to cydia I currently have the SHSH for 4.1 and 4.21 baseband 06.15.00-6.2_M3S2

I open tiny umbrella and I get error Cannot Start TSS service DO NOT TRY RESTORING YOUR DEVICE!!! Httpd (PID:5.4) MUST BE KILLED

Where do I go from here? i need to keep this unlocked i need to restore current cydia apps when i do restore to 4.3.3

asked 25 Jan '12, 00:55

Geoharmonix's gravatar image


iPhone 3G will never get past 4.2.1 due to hardware limitations,

(25 Jan '12, 01:10) 1L1keTurtles 1L1keTurtles's gravatar image

there is no 4.3.3 for a 3g iphone ?!

the lastest fimrware for a 3G is 4.2.1 if i am correct

for tinyumbrella you must start it as admin and try to disable the antivirius .

so you dont need shsh files because 4.2.1 is signed by apple .

if you need a unlock just make a costum firmeware in redsn0w for it :)


answered 25 Jan '12, 00:56

kralle's gravatar image


edited 25 Jan '12, 01:01

I need this because I am trying to transfer a purchase i made but have yet to download from the US iTunes store, but cannot access from where I am currently in Asia.

(25 Jan '12, 01:01) Geoharmonix Geoharmonix's gravatar image

what you mean you can not transfer ?

just connect the iphone to the us account , then download the puchased app . but there is no 4.3.3 for a 3g phone ..

(25 Jan '12, 01:03) kralle kralle's gravatar image

Thanks for the quick answerr about 4..3..3 you saved me a lot of headache trying to figure that out I noticed that I don't receive push notifications on my current 4.1 jb'd iphone 3g. Do I need to upgrade to 4.2.1?

(25 Jan '12, 01:04) Geoharmonix Geoharmonix's gravatar image

i cannot download an app itunes recognized that I am in thailand and sandboxes me into the Thai iTunes store. Here I cannot access my PayPal. So I had a friend in the US log into iTunes from there and make the purchase for me, so now I need to get the app. I look into the available purchases and it will not show up because it immediately puts me into the Thai store

(25 Jan '12, 01:07) Geoharmonix Geoharmonix's gravatar image

if the phone is hacktivated push notifications w'ont work , you need to install sam from cydia

Here is a how to : here


answered 25 Jan '12, 01:10

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