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Got "Out of disc space" error while installing cydia via i tried again but now it says cydia already installed but cant find cydia icon then i restarted ipod 3g(4.2.1) now cydia icon appears but crashes suddenly ,how to delete cydia and install again.

asked 09 Feb '11, 02:40

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Use i-FunBox to delete the following Cydia App folders:

/var/stash/Applications/ /var/stash/Applications.9BdOWM/

Then run loader again.


answered 09 Feb '11, 02:46

knightz4u's gravatar image


thanks it worked..

(09 Feb '11, 03:32) sandy880 sandy880's gravatar image

where to find on funbox? same thing happens with mine


answered 09 Feb '11, 02:48

Itsrisse's gravatar image


You can download iFunbox directly free from their website:


answered 09 Feb '11, 03:46

knightz4u's gravatar image


Hello, I need to uninstall and reinstall Cydia and I read the above post instructions on how to do that.

I do not have the folders you listed above.

Here is what I do have: in /Applications

cydia.log in /tmp

Cydia in /Applications/

MobileCydia in /Applications/

cydia.png in /Applications/

cydia@2x.png in /Applications/

Cydia (File Folder) in /usr/libexec

cydia.log in /var/tmp

cydia.log in /private/var/tmp

Cydia (File Folder) in /Var/root/Media

Cydia (File Folder) in /private/var/root/Media

which is located in /var/movile/Library/Caches/

Which is located in: /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/

Any advice on which ones to remove?



answered 10 Feb '11, 18:26

Snoopyshoes's gravatar image


edited 10 Feb '11, 18:29

it looks like you ran a search for "Cydia" on your file system, anyways, the FOLDER you want to remove is /Applications/

if you have iFile and Appinfo, run AppInfo and see information about Cydia application, and then you can open it in iFile, it will open the folder that contains Cydia files, this should confirm the folder i pointed out for you.

(11 Feb '11, 02:45) knightz4u knightz4u's gravatar image

same problem but cant find the folders u listed in ifunbox pls tell me what to do


answered 30 May '11, 10:26

jailbreakrox's gravatar image


Try this to remove and reinstall Cydia, you need to have OpenSSH on your device, SSH to your device and run the following two command lines:

get-app remove cydia

get-app install cydia

(30 May '11, 12:05) knightz4u knightz4u's gravatar image

Sorry i forgot you still dont have Cydia and so can't get OpenSSH. Anyways, when you browse with iFunBox, what Cydia folders do you get?

(30 May '11, 12:07) knightz4u knightz4u's gravatar image

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