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hi wonder if anyone can help with this, i jailbroke last night and things were fine but since today when ever i recieve calls my ph0one crashes even before i see the incoming call? im uninstalling everything i have installed and to be honest i havent got much left so i dont know what app is causing the problem

thanks in advance i so hope some one can help me

asked 08 Feb '11, 18:12

furri's gravatar image


Maybe it's an issue caused by the activator, look up there an unmark any options there for app from cydia like bite sms etc. Some users also report about problems with infini-apps or lockdown from cydia.

(09 Feb '11, 03:38) B0DLX88 B0DLX88's gravatar image

now i have no service with 02 at all??? what i hell shall i do???

(09 Feb '11, 05:05) furri furri's gravatar image

its caused by the current mobile substate... hope saurik can fix this soon... as i also encounter the same problems..

(09 Feb '11, 07:22) zhiyuel zhiyuel's gravatar image

do you have any apps installed that affect the dialler, calls or anything like that?


answered 09 Feb '11, 05:18

esperai's gravatar image


not now as i have removed them i did have iblackliset, irealsms and now when i go into cydia to remove some packages cydia closes??

(09 Feb '11, 05:20) furri furri's gravatar image

now that you've removed them, restore your iphone and re-jailbreak it - that may fix it.


answered 09 Feb '11, 05:22

esperai's gravatar image


I found that MCleaner was causing this problem for me. After I disabled MServer in MobileSubstrate, the problem disappeared.


answered 09 Feb '11, 05:32

nickpr's gravatar image


cant even remove anything from cydia it just closes i havent install mcleeaner i think i have broke my phone? crying into cup of tea :(

(09 Feb '11, 05:38) furri furri's gravatar image

3DBoard caused my springboard to crash when receiving calls or after unlocking my phone. After disabling the MobileSubstrate it hasn't crashed on me again.


answered 09 Feb '11, 05:39

Delerowen's gravatar image


when i open cydia and go to pacages and start scrolling down it closes so i cant remove anything now

(09 Feb '11, 05:44) furri furri's gravatar image
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Asked: 08 Feb '11, 18:12

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