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...and why isn't it presented as an upgrade?

asked 03 Feb '11, 19:51

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comex ♦

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I'm updating this post so that people new to this site don't see it and get REALLY confused.

Saurik has finally released Cydia 1.1.1, so everyone should be running at least that version.

The latest version on Saurik's server was 1.0.3366-1 (Nov 23rd, 2010).

This version has loads of improvements over the previous versions. Quicker startup, better queuing, etc.


answered 08 Feb '11, 01:35

Xenomorph's gravatar image


edited 05 Apr '11, 11:08

The 1.0.3366-1 version is also the version installed by the RedSn0w and GreenPois0n jailbreaks.

(14 Feb '11, 19:52) Endareth Endareth's gravatar image

1.0.3366-1 is installed by the latest sn0wbreeze and Pwnage Tool now as well.

(16 Feb '11, 00:58) Xenomorph Xenomorph's gravatar image

In order for any package (including Cydia itself) to be listed as an upgrade within Cydia, there must be a source/repository that contains that package. As Cydia isn't included in any current repository that I'm aware of, new versions don't show up as being available as upgrades.

Currently, upgrading Cydia requires obtaining the updated package file and installing it via command line tools. As Cydia is open source (available at git://, it's possible for individuals to obtain and compile the source code themselves.


answered 03 Feb '11, 23:30

Endareth's gravatar image



Cydia is included in the Telesphreo repository, but the latest version is not.

(04 Feb '11, 01:26) chpwn ♦ chpwn's gravatar image

To expand on chpwn's comment, deploying Cydia to millions of users is quite costly. It is only done when necessary.

(04 Feb '11, 01:40) rpetrich rpetrich's gravatar image

I'm updating this post so that people new to this site don't see it and get REALLY confused.

Saurik has finally released Cydia 1.1.1, so everyone should be running at least that version.

Old info: Saurik writes and provides Cydia (so I would only trust him as a source), and 1.0.3366-1 is the latest (as of this moment) he officially has on his server. Feel free to browse for yourself:

It is also the latest version of Cydia that greenpois0n, redsn0w, sn0wbreeze, and Pwnage Tool installs.

The "1.0.3366-7" version floating around is from unknown and/or questionable sources (and may be tampered with, contain malware, etc). It's hard to tell since the source is UNKNOWN and has been passed around on anonymous file-sharing sites. Saurik already has a web site to host files and wouldn't need to use something like MediaFire or RapidShare or whatever.

If it is from Saurik, it is a beta build and may not be meant to installed on any iOS device.


answered 16 Feb '11, 09:50

Xenomorph's gravatar image


edited 05 Apr '11, 11:07

I think I finally get it. this isn't a repo you add to cydia, but rather you go to the webpage ( ) and download the deb, and install it through something like iFile? Is there a way to do this through cydia?

(16 Feb '11, 10:32) eite185 eite185's gravatar image

Just for the record, what I described above is exactly what I did and it installed successfully.

(17 Feb '11, 15:06) eite185 eite185's gravatar image

The version 1.0.3366-7 can still be found precompiled in Saurik's cache:


answered 17 Feb '11, 17:10

http's gravatar image

http ♦

Awesome. I installed it with iFile and it works great.

(17 Feb '11, 17:16) eite185 eite185's gravatar image

im asumming it is the latest cydia when you install via jb?


answered 16 Feb '11, 01:20

blue%20skies's gravatar image

blue skies

latest is actually 1.0.3366-7, it's not on Saurik's website for some reason but it's faster and better than 1.0.3366-1


answered 16 Feb '11, 03:51

chaoscreater's gravatar image



(16 Feb '11, 03:56) Endareth Endareth's gravatar image

I would NOT trust some random build on some random server that some unknown kid has tampered with. Saurik does his own builds and hosts his own repository.

Stick with official sources or be prepared to see people start posting "how did I get my iPhone infected with malware" questions on here.

(16 Feb '11, 09:01) Xenomorph Xenomorph's gravatar image

I'm using 1.0.3366-7 which is faster than 1.0.3366-1.


answered 16 Feb '11, 09:19

naveed's gravatar image


Ohhhhh... Believe me I have downloaded "1.0.3366-7" myself from Saurik's server a month ago... i dont know why did he removed now... Might be having some issues..with 1.0.3366-7. I will remove and reinstall 1.0.3366-1


answered 16 Feb '11, 10:23

naveed's gravatar image


There may have been some beta/crashing issues. Saurik is hard at work on Cydia 1.1, so perhaps if there was a 1.0.3366-7 on his server at one time, he pulled it.

Regardless, if you are still grabbing 1.0.3366-7 from unknown (and untrusted sources), what is stopping people from packing it with malware and passing it off as an "official" build?

Just like the other questions people post on this site asking if you can get "infected" by jailbreaking: stick to trusted sources and do NOT just download and install random files found on the Internet.

(16 Feb '11, 11:19) Xenomorph Xenomorph's gravatar image

I highly recommend you get it straight from saurik.

Here is 3366-1:

And here is 3366-7:

Download it then install with iFile.

(18 Feb '11, 00:51) eite185 eite185's gravatar image

The latest version can be built by yourself:


answered 17 Feb '11, 15:44

http's gravatar image

http ♦

Is this something I can do directly on my phone, like in MobileTerminal?

(17 Feb '11, 16:01) eite185 eite185's gravatar image

I have used Cydia 1.0.3366-7 for about 2 months and have not had an unusual level of problems with it. It doesn't seem to be much different from 3366-1, but I haven't bothered to switch back. If anyone is interested, the copy I installed is from a German site, which doesn't seem to be a piracy site, based on a search for the two apps mainly used in piracy. Here is the link to a zip file of 3366-7:

and here is a link to the thread (in German) where the link appears:


answered 17 Feb '11, 17:55

Lanulos's gravatar image


edited 17 Feb '11, 17:56

I highly recommend you get it straight from saurik.

Here is 3366-1:

And here is 3366-7:

Download it then install with iFile.

(18 Feb '11, 00:50) eite185 eite185's gravatar image
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