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i just updated my iphone 4 to ios 5.0.1 because of pod2g's untethered jb today. i got through all the set up screens, but can't restore to a previous backup on itunes. i click restore from itunes backup on the phone, then plug it in and itunes wants to set it up as a new device. somebody please help!!!!

asked 27 Dec '11, 14:24

Purplezigar's gravatar image


closed 26 Jan '15, 03:48

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maybe hackivating is screwing it up? i tried going through without jb/hacktivating it, and when i got to wifi is showed set up with itunes. then i jb/hacktivated it and then that option was gone. maybe this it the problem?

(27 Dec '11, 15:11) Purplezigar Purplezigar's gravatar image

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same problem here, but i managed to solve it! Solution #1: restore your iPhone, after its done ACTIVATE it with an Original SIM Solution #2: after JB install SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module) and Activate your iPhone with it after your done iTunes will ask you to set it up as new iphone or to RESTORE FROM BACKUP! after hours searching through the internet i found the solution. (sorry for my bad english)


answered 27 Dec '11, 18:52

fkras's gravatar image


Well, I managed to figure it out. Works for me now.

I was relying on the gevey unlock so I had a different carriers sim inserted. Instead, I deactivated the phone and inserted the phone carriers sim and activated it. Boom! Restore button has restored.


answered 27 Dec '11, 16:08

Sheen's gravatar image


Hi Sheen

Im also using gevey to unlock. Could u explain clearly...what are all the steps u gone through? Thanks in advance :)

(30 Dec '11, 02:06) tkl89 tkl89's gravatar image

fkras, you've give the best and correct answer! Your solution is works. The problem was in activation of iPhone. To activate it we need to install SAM: How to Hactivation Your iPhone Using Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM)


answered 28 Dec '11, 01:26

Liss's gravatar image


no problem man, i spend the whole night yesterday finding this solution, Im glad that it Worked for you ;)

(28 Dec '11, 17:25) fkras fkras's gravatar image

Plug it in first and then choose restore from backup (the other option right next to "set up as a new device")


answered 27 Dec '11, 14:28

theiphoneguy's gravatar image

theiphoneguy ♦

didn't work. i plugged it in,and itunes was already open, it showed to set it up new before i even clicked anything on the iphone, so i went through anyways and clicked restore from backup. but itunes still shows set up new.

(27 Dec '11, 14:33) Purplezigar Purplezigar's gravatar image

I also have this problem. Tried everything possible on my end. Set it up as a new phone. Updated iTunes.

The problem is to do with the jailbreak itself. As i plugged another iPhone 4 into iTunes and the restore button was usable. I plugged in the newly Jailbroken iPhone 4 into a different desktop, same problem.


answered 27 Dec '11, 15:39

Sheen's gravatar image


same here. not able to restore from previous backup after installing redsn0w custom 5.0.1 iPhone has restore from backup option, but iTunes does not, and there's no menu to select what option I want: new or restore.


answered 27 Dec '11, 15:44

madd's gravatar image


so it is activation problem (?) good for those who has their carrier's sim cards :( i have only gevey

(27 Dec '11, 16:16) madd madd's gravatar image

you could go to a radioshack or walmart and buy a gophone. the cheapest is $10 and comes with a gophone sim. i literally just went out and bought one and then cut it to microsim size and vuela!! it activated my phone!!

(27 Dec '11, 17:42) Purplezigar Purplezigar's gravatar image

the bad thing is im not in US :) and we dont have things like that here... we dont even have official iphone selles :))

(27 Dec '11, 17:52) madd madd's gravatar image

you guys are awesome same as developers of SAM thank you so much!

(28 Dec '11, 12:28) madd madd's gravatar image

Same here. Can't restore from a backup.


answered 27 Dec '11, 16:07

haze's gravatar image


SAM worked for me, like fkras said. Just installed and pressed Revert Lockdownd to Stock. iTunes then offered the Restore from Backup option. AWWW YEEAAHHH


answered 10 Jan '12, 12:50

brastein's gravatar image


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