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Oh my god. I jailbroke my iPod Touch 4th generation ios 5. It's been good but whenever I try to update my apps in App Store, my iPod restart's. It takes me to where I need to write my passcode, but before I can type it, it re-restarts, and then when I type it in it is in Safe Mode. So this time, I didn't do update all, I only updated one, but now its restarting, and restarting and restarting over and over taking me straight to the passcode place, but doesn't give me enough time to type it in before it restarts. It's been 10 minutes and this is still happening. HELP! How do I stop it, and what happened?!

asked 23 Dec '11, 16:18

HeyMe's gravatar image


i would say that you are prob going to have to restore. but if you Can give us a list of packages that you have installed from Cydia? theres others that maybe abel to help you. or atlest keep it from happening again

(23 Dec '11, 16:26) talleymaster talleymaster's gravatar image

Unfortunately, No I can't. I can't get into my iPod. And even if I could, well I have installed a lot of things so it would have took a while anyway.

(23 Dec '11, 16:29) HeyMe HeyMe's gravatar image

I have a lot of pictures, music, and apps on it. It would take forever to restore it. :( Any other ideas? And if I do restore it, will I have to re-jailbreak it?

(23 Dec '11, 16:31) HeyMe HeyMe's gravatar image

do you have semitether installed?

(23 Dec '11, 16:31) talleymaster talleymaster's gravatar image

No, I have tethered. redsnOw.

(23 Dec '11, 16:31) HeyMe HeyMe's gravatar image

i would restore via itunes. but if your on 5.0 i would use ifaith to dump your blobs first if you havent already here is the link

(23 Dec '11, 16:33) talleymaster talleymaster's gravatar image

If i do, will I have to re-jailbreak it? And, is there any other way, because I would have to re-sync all my apps, music, photos, and Cydia apps. :(

(23 Dec '11, 16:35) HeyMe HeyMe's gravatar image

not as far as i know. but it might be worth waitting for someone elses opinion

(23 Dec '11, 16:39) talleymaster talleymaster's gravatar image


(23 Dec '11, 16:40) HeyMe HeyMe's gravatar image

I just restored it, because well, it's the only thing to help. It's been an hour and it's still going on, so might as well. Thanks for the help!

(23 Dec '11, 17:33) HeyMe HeyMe's gravatar image

If you can get back into safe mode, you can uninstall the last cydia tweak (or few) that are undoubtedly the cause. If not, it's restore time. Be careful what you install and you'll be ok.

(23 Dec '11, 17:33) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

I restored, it wouldn't go in Safe Mode.

(23 Dec '11, 18:33) HeyMe HeyMe's gravatar image

did you have openssh installed?

(24 Dec '11, 01:20) jaxtbagg jaxtbagg's gravatar image

I was going to suggest ssh, but with it looping that fast I doubt he could salvage it.

(24 Dec '11, 02:37) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Um, I have no idea what openssh is, so yeah, I don't think I do. By the way, I restored it, since it wasn't in Safe Mode when it kept restarting, so there was no way to save it. I did not re-jailbreak it. Too dangerous for now, maybe in a couple months, I will.

(24 Dec '11, 20:00) HeyMe HeyMe's gravatar image

Restore, rejailbreak. unless you have openssh, you couid use ifunbox to manually kill springboard via terminal window


answered 24 Dec '11, 02:43

jaxtbagg's gravatar image


Don't know what openshh is, but I already restored like I said before, and I don't know what you meant by kill springboard via terminal window, so don't worry about it, I'm not jailbreaking any time soon.

(24 Dec '11, 20:01) HeyMe HeyMe's gravatar image
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