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Hi guys, I realize most things at the mo are regarding jb but I have searched everywhere for an answer to this little conundrum.

Just wondering if this scenario is possible -

I have an iPad 2 and an iPod shuffle 3rd gen, I can connect the shuffle to the iPad via the camera connection kit and it recognises it as a flash drive in ifile. I can view all files and folders and I can transfer a song from downloads to iPod (flash drive)

Here is the issue, when I try to play through headphones the song isn't there and I was wondering what other files (.plist ect) would need to be edited in order for the iPod to both recognise that the song was in it's library and also play it.

Thanks in advance.

asked 20 Nov '11, 12:14

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Alright, this is not going to be pretty. You're going to want to install Python and OpenSSH from Cydia and download this. Move the Python version into the root directory of your Shuffle After that, drop your music into the shuffle, and open up a terminal (I highly recommend Prompt, it is fantastic and worth every cent) on your iPad and SSH into your iPad (localhost/alpine).

Now run

cd /var/mnt/mount1

Eject your Shuffle and you should be ready to go Please report back if it worked as I don't have the stuff to test this out, and good luck!


answered 20 Nov '11, 12:41

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Thanks so much for the info, the first tech way around this issue I have found ANYWHERE on the Internet.

I'll report back as soon as I have tried it.

Thanks again.

(20 Nov '11, 13:21) Dontpanic Dontpanic's gravatar image


Ok so after doing a little digging and thinking I had a reasonable technical knowledge I'm shooting above my pay grade here!

Just wondering if you could expand on a couple of points as I haven't done much programing before.

1) python I'm assuming is the programming language? But I'm not sure what you mean when you say to move the python version into the shuffle. Thought you would install the python programing language onto iPad plus there are a few variations on cydia so a little help as to which repo and package would be great.

2) I can't find prompt on cydia - which source?

3) the whole ssh ing within the iPad.

4) also would I have to do this every time I add music to my iPod, it's no problem but I just wondered.

I'm fairly bright and up for a challenge it's just I haven't done anything like this before.


(20 Nov '11, 14:03) Dontpanic Dontpanic's gravatar image

It's no problem, you're doing just fine.

  1. the file goes onto the root of your Shuffle. You should install Python from the Cydia/Telesphoreo repo. This one is from Saurik so you shouldn't have any problems at all from that (unless it doesn't support your iOS version)
  2. Prompt is actually in the Apple App Store. You don't have to use that one as any terminal will work, it's just my favorite. You could try MobileTerminal from Cydia though that may be buggy.
  3. When you have OpenSSH installed, you can open a terminal (like Prompt) and see a command line to your iDevice. By default, you'll try to login to localhost with the password as alpine. You can change the password for security later
  4. It seems like you would have to do this every time you add music from your iPad to your Shuffle, though once you get the hang of the terminal (it really is pretty powerful and intuitive), you can make a script to do it for you
(20 Nov '11, 14:20) frogpocalypse frogpocalypse's gravatar image

Thanks again, I'll report back

(21 Nov '11, 03:57) Dontpanic Dontpanic's gravatar image

Hi, Ok so now everything becomes clear. All worked ok apart from one minor hitch -

When I try to listen to music it says (through the headphones) "please use itunes to sync"

I believe all the messages from the ssh session where good, as in it re built the db and says enjoy listening to your music so I assume I got everything in the right place. Do youneed to put the music into any of the folders or just in the music folder?

(21 Nov '11, 05:08) Dontpanic Dontpanic's gravatar image

Hmm not sure about that one as everything seems to have worked. You could try to read the log file for any possible errors that may not have been displayed before. Actually, with this tool, you can have the files anywhere you like in any folders on the device.

(21 Nov '11, 08:26) frogpocalypse frogpocalypse's gravatar image

Ok will do some digging, shame as everything has worked apart from actually being able to listen to the music!! I'll try a restore and re do it. We all know how many problems that can solve with the mighty apple!

(21 Nov '11, 15:44) Dontpanic Dontpanic's gravatar image

Do you think an older version of the firmware would work? If so where's the best place to find iPod fw files, cheers

(22 Nov '11, 03:38) Dontpanic Dontpanic's gravatar image

Why don't you sync that iPod's iTunes Library to your iPad. Simple


answered 20 Nov '11, 12:15

raviraj%20jailbreak%20guru's gravatar image

raviraj jailbreak guru


I'm wanting to do it when I'm out and about and without the dependency of a mac or PC. Also I'm trying to go from iPad to iPod. Cheers

(20 Nov '11, 12:17) Dontpanic Dontpanic's gravatar image

If they are running 4.3.3, you should be able to download your music that you've purchased on your iPod Touch through the iTunes app. There should be a "Purchased" option in there now that will list your purchased music. You can download from there. This is all under the assumption they are all under the same Apple ID and you are running iOS 4.3.3 on your iPod Touch.
You may also follow this guide.
How to Transfer Music from iPad to Computer
How to Transfer Music to iPod Touch from Computer


answered 06 May '14, 04:11

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Thx for trying to help but I think after 2.5 years they solved it

(06 May '14, 04:13) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

What did you change a year and a half later?

(29 Dec '16, 09:05) cracker cracker's gravatar image

click more, then see revisions. they added one link and bolded them both

(29 Dec '16, 23:51) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Thanks, it appears I don't yet have enough karma to see revisions. :(

(30 Dec '16, 00:03) cracker cracker's gravatar image

iOS is not like Windows. The simple copy won't make it work as there are settings associated with the file, mostly are hidden from the view. You can use iTunes to sync music from your iPad to iPod, however this would be a pain if you were on a Windows machine. My recommendation is to use a third-party app to do that.

Here is a tutorial on how to transfer from old iPhone to the new iPhone 6S. It works the same if the two devices were powered by iOS: Transfer files from iDevice to another iDevice

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 20 Nov '15, 05:56

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Why are you waking up such an old thread??

(20 Nov '15, 06:02) xamas xamas's gravatar image

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