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How to fix some mysterious problems.

So about a week ago i jail-broke my iPhone 4 running on ios5 with redsn0w everything went well into i started to install cydia apps such as sbsettings, bytafont, unlimtones, bitesms beta, all these apps download but there usually a white icon ? i have to keep respringing into they go back to normal ? Today my friend updated to ios5 at my house and same issue , any one else having this problem ? Or any fixes or something ?

asked 06 Nov '11, 23:10

odhigh's gravatar image


Also, do either or both of you have semitether installed?

(07 Nov '11, 03:25) britta britta's gravatar image

Yes both of us have semitether installed

(10 Nov '11, 02:57) odhigh odhigh's gravatar image

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This is a cache issue - usually respringing or rebooting fixes it. I think this is a bug with some package; I forget which one; it'll probably be updated soon. See this question for another similar experience.


answered 06 Nov '11, 23:37

britta's gravatar image


edited 06 Nov '11, 23:37

For anyone with odhigh's white apps problem, it may be helpful for finding the source of the problem if you guys answer a few questions:

Have you installed the semitether package from BigBoss? Did the white apps happen before or after you installed semitether?

Can you open up Cydia and search for "UIKit Tools" and tell me what version you have installed? (This is listed on top of the package page - for example, mine says 1.1.1.) Have you updated it since you had the white apps issue, and if you have updated it, is the issue still happening?


answered 09 Nov '11, 21:14

britta's gravatar image


edited 09 Nov '11, 21:14

I just restored my phone last night but before that I did get these mysterious white apps. The ones affected seem to be random, spanning from stock Apple apps to downloaded and Cydia apps. A respring always fixed em.

I had no beta sources (semi tether, intelliscreen etc) installed, with UIKit Tools version 1.1.0.

Since restoring [only 20 hours ago] I haven't seen it happen yet. (Though my current UIKit Tools version is still 1.1 with no Cydia offering no update)

(09 Nov '11, 21:42) cybr1d ♦ cybr1d's gravatar image

Um well i have a few sources more than a few i would say , and yes both of us do have semi-tethered installed from bigboss i don't recall if it was before or after , my UIKIT TOOLS IS version " 1.1.2 " and into now i still have the white icons problem good thing is i get my iphone 4S soon so when i jailbreak i won't install semi-tethered and see if I'm still having that issue

(10 Nov '11, 03:00) odhigh odhigh's gravatar image

I'm running 5.0.1 on a iphone 4 and the only jailbreak app with an icon is cydia. SBSettings, Activator, Semitether, iFile and xBackup shows only a white icon. UIKit Tools version ist 1.1.2. A fix or work around would be nice... :)

(12 Nov '11, 07:46) MrWGT MrWGT's gravatar image

@MrWGT this is an icon cache problem probably related to the UIKit Tools package from Semitether. One way to fix the issue temporarily is by installing and using an app from the BigBoss repo called "Respring".

(12 Nov '11, 11:28) Leslien Leslien's gravatar image

Same problem here with white icons. I do not have semitether installed, running 5.0.1 on an iPhone 4. Only the Cydia installed apps are doing it. Pdanet, Wififofum, etc.. I have about six of them all white icons, Cydia only packages. I noticed this when I installed 5.0, that it started doing this. 5.0.1 is doing the same thing. I was on 4.3.5 with no white icon issues. A reboot sometimes fixes the problem but it always ends up going back to white Cydia icons after awhile.

(12 Nov '11, 20:13) Maverick3837 Maverick3837's gravatar image

Make sure you are booting tethered.


answered 06 Nov '11, 23:23

JonSeals's gravatar image

JonSeals ♦

(I think they are booting tethered, since if they had these installed and weren't booting tethered, they'd be stuck at the Apple logo...and they say that respringing eventually gets the icons back to normal.)

(06 Nov '11, 23:39) britta britta's gravatar image

Yes i am booting tether if i wasn't cydia wouldn't open duh , and i see some of the icons stay normal like activator and the sbsettings icon other's go on and off as there please but eh hope they fix this problem really annoying >.<

(06 Nov '11, 23:43) odhigh odhigh's gravatar image

Semi tethered icon was white though I boot tethered it so I just respiring and BAMPUESHAMWHOOHOO fixed.


answered 07 Nov '11, 00:36

sfiq12's gravatar image


Wow thank gawd i'm not alone.. I just got the same problem.. my cydia app is all white.

I have a iphone 4 iOS 5 windows OS, used redsn0w_win_0.9.9b7. The jailbreak went through perfectly but cant open cydia.. its been 2 years since i last jail broke my iphone 3g so im a bit rusty..


answered 07 Nov '11, 07:33

mykeeX's gravatar image


I fixed it... pretty much rebooting in DFU mode fixes it...

(07 Nov '11, 07:55) mykeeX mykeeX's gravatar image

You need to boot tethered using redsn0w.

(07 Nov '11, 08:51) britta britta's gravatar image

Yep.. Britta thats what i did.. I went into cydia and went through all the updates... Then installed a app which required my phone to boot.. and was sitting at the white apple screen for like 45 mins.. couldn't power my phone off.. so i went through the steps again to boot in tethered mode, with my phone on and it worked.. however it booted in safe mode... Kinda not looking forward in rebooting my phone again to get out of safe mode... my luck it will melt in my hand..

(07 Nov '11, 09:03) mykeeX mykeeX's gravatar image

You usually don't need to reboot to get rid of Safe Mode - just respring and hope for the best. If it persists, try uninstalling any recently-installed extensions, since they might be causing the problem.

(07 Nov '11, 16:53) britta britta's gravatar image

respringing usally fixes it, booting tethered does nothing every app you dl from cydia i get is a white icon and the next page i get these icons with names " diagnostic " and the sb setting icon and other shit that shouldn't appear and respringing fixes it FML .

(08 Nov '11, 02:56) odhigh odhigh's gravatar image

odhigh: Your problem and mykeeX's problem are different - you have a white apps issue while they have a tethered boot issue. :)

(09 Nov '11, 21:03) britta britta's gravatar image

Go to Cydia go to manage, packages, then make sure it says expert at the top right corner if not press the button that says simple and then it should say expert. Then find and reinstall the package "UIKit Tools" Then exit Cydia and respring.


answered 23 Nov '11, 20:03

dpelletier360's gravatar image


Tried it and it did not work. Some (always different icons) or all icons are white after a respring.

(24 Nov '11, 13:06) MrWGT MrWGT's gravatar image

Reading these comments seems to indicate the issue is related to device model and/or what apps are installed. The fix may include reinstalling/updating UIKit Tools, respringing or rebooting (semi-tethered). Or simply refreshing the icon cache.

1 - Search for 'cache' in Cydia (enable expert mode first), see what usefull tools you find. ("gUiCache", for example...)

2 - While in Cydia, reinstall UiKit Tools.

3 - (install Aptitude) Open a terminal (on your iDevice, MobileTerminal, for example) and type:

aptitude update

uicache update

4 - Respring (i use Activator: "On Home Screen" > "Icon Spread")


answered 14 Dec '11, 18:01

lolbob's gravatar image


edited 14 Dec '11, 19:26

First, log into the command-line as mobile user with the following:

  • ssh mobile@<your_device_ip>
  • Just open MobileTerminal. No typing su

Secondly, run the command uicache. This is what might happen:

  • No matching processes... -- Your cache is already refreshed. Things should be fine. If not, post a comment;
  • No output -- The cache just got refreshed. Things should be fine. If not, post a comment;
  • (insert other message here) -- Something bad occured, try rebooting!

You can skip all of these steps by respringing with BigBoss's Respring app, or via SBSettings. They automatically refresh the cache.


answered 14 Dec '11, 18:48

matoetheiostream's gravatar image


no piracy please


answered 14 Dec '11, 20:53

ZiG's gravatar image


edited 14 Dec '11, 22:50

theiphoneguy's gravatar image

theiphoneguy ♦

Download "respring" from cydia which worked for me.


answered 25 Dec '11, 06:14

chandannalam's gravatar image


I tried it some time ago but it did not work for me.

But after some of the last updates installed from cydia the problem disappeared. Don't know if it was a "special app" but i think it was after a activator update?!?

(25 Dec '11, 09:24) MrWGT MrWGT's gravatar image
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