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I did a jailbreak and semitether of IOS 5 on an iPhone 4. After the jailbreak, I did a Just Boot Tether. So everything was good. Loaded Cydia and removed Ultrasn0w repo because I unlock with Gevey SIM. I did another Just Boot Tether to make sure everything was good.

Then, I loaded some free apps from App Store (Skype, Facebook, etc). I also loaded some free apps from Cydia. I did a couple of Just Boot Tether in the process. After testing a few apps I noticed that Cydia and Semitether icons were missing. So, I performed Just Boot Tether several times. I watched for pineapple logo on the screen each time to make sure that there were no problem. But Cydia and Semitether wouldn't show up.

So frustrated, I restored using iTunes with a custom IOS 5 firmware to preserved baseband. Basically, I wanted to restart fresh. After activating with an old ATT SIM and made sure everything was working (Wifi, camera, Safari, etc), I proceeded with Redsn0w v0.9.9b7 jailbreak. After the jailbreaking was done, I notice that Cydia icon wasn't there (usually it would show up as a white icon). I then did a Just Boot Tethered making sure that I saw a pineapple logo. But Cydia was still missing.

I repeated the process of restore the iPhone a few times, but still unable to bring back Cydia. Please, help.... Thanks in advance

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asked 04 Nov '11, 23:08

hcgaloi's gravatar image


All steps are correct, I dunno why you have missing icons. Anyway try this. Use sn0wbreeze to create cfw in simple mode. Complete sn0wbreeze process up to the end including placing device in pwned dfu mode. Shift+restore using iTunes to the cfw that sn0wbreeze made. Use ibooty auto created by sn0wbreeze which is on your desktop to boot tethered. See if you still have missing icons.


answered 05 Nov '11, 03:23

justinred's gravatar image

justinred ♦

Thank you so much everyone for your help. I did an "Erase All Content and Settings" and performed "MY" procedure that I describe below. And, Cydia and Semitether icons showed up. So, everything is back to normal now.

Unfortunately, I didn't see justinred's suggestion to use sn0wbreeze in Simple Mode. If I experience the same problem again. I'll definitely follow his/hers recommendation.

I need to make a correction to the problem that I described. Not just Cydia and Semitether icons were missing, but all the free apps from Cydia were missing, too. At the time, I had more concern on Cydia and Semitether, so I didn't think missing Cydia's free apps were important to report.

Anyway, I'm more aware of what is going on and hopefully I can provide more detail if the problem surfaces again. So far, I have not installed any free apps from Cydia. Here are the free apps that I installed from App Store: Facebook, Skype, Find My Friends, iBags, iShoes, KeyRing, RedLaser. This is my wife iPhone so she has to have iBags and iShoes... LOL ...

(05 Nov '11, 14:53) hcgaloi hcgaloi's gravatar image

The semi-tether is NOT ready for prime-time. Wait for the real deal.


answered 04 Nov '11, 23:22

spockers's gravatar image

spockers ♦♦

If you restored to a cfw made by redsn0w 9.9b7, it is not prejailbroken. You need to rerun redsn0w and click on jailbreak+tick install cydia to jb and have cydia.


answered 05 Nov '11, 00:02

justinred's gravatar image

justinred ♦

edited 05 Nov '11, 00:06

Thanks for your help... After every restore with custom firmware made with Sn0wbreeze, I performed jailbreak with Cydia checked using Redsn0w 0.9.9b7. Like I said, after the jailbreak Cydia wouldn't even show up as a white icon. Then, I immediately proceeded with Just Boot Tethered, making sure that I saw pineapple icon displayed, Cydia is still missing.


answered 05 Nov '11, 00:29

hcgaloi's gravatar image


What mode did you use in sn0wbreeze? Baseband preservation, simple or expert? Did you set up as new or restore from backup after restore? Did you tick install cydia when you did jailbreak in redsn0w. Pardon the Qs, just needing to clarify steps you did.

(05 Nov '11, 00:38) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

Thanks, justinred... Below were the steps that I did:

  1. Used Sn0wbreeze v2.8b10 and selected Preserve Baseband to build custom firmware. I didn't select either Simple or Expert mode. This is the only custom firmware that I have been using.

  2. Used Redsn0w 0.9.9b7, clicked on Extras, and checked Pwned DFU

  3. Used iTunes v10.5 (latest) and restored with the custom firmware built in step 1 i.e. Shift+Click Restore on Windows system)

  4. Used Redsn0w 0.9.9b7 clicked on Jailbreak, selected Cydia, to jailbreak

  5. Used Redsn0w 0.9.9b7 clicked on Extras, selected Just Boot Tethered.

  6. After every restore, I have always selected new setup on the iPhone and went through the process of turning on Location Service, WiFi, skip Apple ID, etc.

(Side note: The first jailbreak, I saw Cydia was a white icon before Just Boot Tethered. After experiencing missing icons, every attempt to restore from steps 1-4, Cydia doesn't show up at all)

I have repeated the above steps for a few times without success. Thanks in advance for helping 7. List item


answered 05 Nov '11, 02:58

hcgaloi's gravatar image


edited 05 Nov '11, 03:13

I got my IP4 to work which is similar to your steps except that I did not use Redsn0w in step 4 as the custom firmware creation in step 1 adds cydia. Step 4 is NOT needed. If you use Sn0wbreeze you cannot "boot tethered" with Redsn0w. You have to use ibooty that was created on your desktop. You can use Redsn0w to get into pwndfu mode and then use ibooty to boot. Only difference I would use simple or expert mode in step 1 since simple and expert modes add cydia to the install.

(05 Nov '11, 12:51) ha8heat ha8heat's gravatar image
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