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My phone has been jailbroken for a while but yesterday I really had time to play with it and I installed several themes and cydia apps. I also installed ICY and other things. MY springboard began crashing I resprung several times succefully but now my phone is stuck in "safe mode" and everytime I try and respring it crashes and returnes to spring mode. I have remove everything I added and got the crash reporter as instructed by the help window. NOTHING is working do I need to rejailbreak or return to factory settings? I also tried ultrasnow but nothing seems to help and I really have no idea what Im doing so Im afraid to try anything els. My phone is a IPhone 4 4.3.3 modem firmware 04.10.01

asked 23 Oct '11, 20:30

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edited 24 Oct '11, 01:54

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Ultrasn0w will do you no good, looks like you need to restore and rejailbreak, do you have SHSH blobs for 4.3.3? one way to check is to go to cydias home page and in green it would say SHSH: 4.x. 4.x.x (In green), if you do get tiny umbrella here and request them from cydia

alt text


answered 23 Oct '11, 21:42

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edited 24 Oct '11, 01:58

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Ok thank you for the responce I do not have that or atleast I dont see it. Is there a way I can do this without being at home on my computer bc I am at work?

(23 Oct '11, 22:44) meganS meganS's gravatar image

your going to need a computer

(23 Oct '11, 23:57) 1L1keTurtles 1L1keTurtles's gravatar image

Are you sure you've removed everything you've installed recently? When you go to Manage -> Packages in Cydia, what is listed?


answered 24 Oct '11, 01:55

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ok So I am probably goint to regret this but I sent all my pics and contacts to my email and I reset it completely. So that I can hopefully rejailbreak but I initiated the erase all and restore over an hour ago and it hasnt done anything on the status bar

(24 Oct '11, 02:19) meganS meganS's gravatar image

you never want to use the "erase all content and settings" on a jailbroken phone, the only way to get out of it is a complete restore :( Or are you saying you did it in itunes?


answered 24 Oct '11, 02:21

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edited 24 Oct '11, 02:23

so what do I do now that I have already done this??? HELP

(24 Oct '11, 03:30) meganS meganS's gravatar image

you have to hook it up to itunes and restore

(24 Oct '11, 03:35) therealcmac therealcmac's gravatar image

it is stuck on apple screen and it has been since i pushed the erase all and reset

(24 Oct '11, 04:06) meganS meganS's gravatar image

yes, it will be like that forever until you restore it in itunes.

(24 Oct '11, 04:25) therealcmac therealcmac's gravatar image

ok I hard started it and I got it back on but its still in safe mode and everytime i try to respring the springboard it crashes

(24 Oct '11, 04:26) meganS meganS's gravatar image

well then you did not "erase all content adn settings" lol or that would not have worked...go into cydia and get rid of any packages you have downloaded then respring and see if it fixes it

(24 Oct '11, 04:50) therealcmac therealcmac's gravatar image

agh i am having the same problem. it sucks!


answered 01 Jan '13, 23:17

Matt5378's gravatar image


I can't really tell your issue totally because you didn't give many details, but it your stuck in safe mode, try following these steps If your issues are more than this can help with, I would suggest opening your own question with details about device, firmware, ios, and issues.

(01 Jan '13, 23:20) farahtwiggy ♦♦ farahtwiggy's gravatar image
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