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I have a jailbroken 4.3.2 iOS iPad. The main problem is that iTunes doesn't see my device connected. I tried different cables, PCs. Looks like my iPad port is broken. I'm lucky because my iPad still charges even it displays 'no charging' when it is power supplied. I want to use its warranty but I have to downgrade/upgrade to any original iOS. Is that possible to install an original iOS image without using the cable? If yes, please someone point me to a documentation or explain me some steps? At this moment I don't know this is a software issue or hardware one. Regards.

asked 11 Oct '11, 11:07

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If you're planning on returning it under warranty, then I guess the best you can do is to 'erase all content & settings' if you're currently jailbroken this process should get stuck at the Apple logo after the erase, and will then not reboot to homescreen, the normal fix for that is a restore, but if your port is not working then Apple won't be able to do that and you will probably get it replaced.

Maybe someone else has a better idea


answered 11 Oct '11, 11:13

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I tried 'erase all content & settings' but didn't worked. It did as you say. Do you mean Apple won't be able to determine my iPad is jailbroken without my port? Just removing the Cydia will make my iPad 'looking' good? :) I'm thinking a complete broken port is a better situation. I mean, when it doesn't charge.


answered 11 Oct '11, 11:25

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Btw, I reinstalled/upgraded iTunes on my PC. I tried a different PC and a Mac too. I changed the cable. I put my device in both Restore and DFU mode. Nothing changed.


answered 11 Oct '11, 11:35

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How can I restore my jailbroken ipad (4.3.2) to a specific version, ex: 4.3.3? You won't believe this but I remembered a story about recovering HDD which are not detected by BIOS. The guys put the HDD in freezer and after some time they installed the frozen HDD into the system and they worked.

I used the same 'technique' and SURPRISE !!!! iTunes started seeing my iPad. I want to take this chance and try to restore 4.3.3 version. I downloaded 4.3.3, I put my iPad in DFU mode, Shift+ restore, select the file -> click OK.

My happiness ended here because I got error 3194 (Resolve error 3194 by updating to the latest version of iTunes. "This device is not eligible for the requested build") but I want 4.3.3.

How can I restore 4.3.3 and avoid 3194 error? [edit] sorry ... I just saw the link :D about that



answered 11 Oct '11, 16:05

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edited 11 Oct '11, 16:14

if your going in for warranty i believe you have to be on the latest stock firmware, i think they can check when u last restored, i might be wrong never had to go in for warranty service (hopefully -knocks on wood-)

(11 Oct '11, 16:48) 1L1keTurtles 1L1keTurtles's gravatar image

Unfortunately, I have SHSH blob for 4.3.5 only :(. I restored the iPad to last version. The idea with frozen device worked just fine. Looks like the port is working when the device is frozen AND you are lucky.

(11 Oct '11, 18:01) vapi vapi's gravatar image
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