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Hi All!

I have two iPhones 4: (1) Factory-Unlocked iPhone 4 - 4.1 (8B117) 02.10.04 - already jailbroken (2) Carrier-Locked iPhone 4 - 4.1 (8B117) 02.10.04 - already jailbroken

Both sync'd to the same computer, share the same library of music, videos, etc.

Both of the iPhones have over atleast 30-50 Apps installed (including Cydia Apps, e.g. MyWi, 3G Unrestrictor, 3DBoard, GravityBoard, InfiniteFolders, InfiniteDock, etc.) in addition to over 10.0 GB combination of Videos, Music, Pictures and lot of contacts (over 200) plus biteSMS messages for various of contacts.

I have one simple question:

How do I back-up everything (including contacts and biteSMS messages), and do a full upgrade to 4.2.1 and jailbreak?

I don't want to manually reinstall each IPA, DEB files for the applications, plus, I can't afford to lose my contacts or SMS messages?

asked 07 Feb '11, 13:01

gobu's gravatar image


One more thing to add, both phones have contacts syn'd with Google Contacts, however, the original Google Contacts had about 30-40 contacts, but since, I have added over 100-200 contacts directly to iPhone 4, how do I sync the contacts directly with Google Contacts, so the Google Server gets the updated list with 200+ contacts from the original 50 existing?

(07 Feb '11, 13:07) gobu gobu's gravatar image

simply sync it with itunes, it will save every your ipas, contacts, sms, etc... cydia apps? try pkgbackup


answered 07 Feb '11, 13:52

Mouxy's gravatar image


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