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iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.0 jailbroken with JailbreakMe 3 (cant update to 4.3.3 because no shsh)

Skype still shows the silly popup "Skype only runs on unmodified versions of iPhone OS" etc... something like this...

I thought this issue was already fixed (as it is extremely annoying).

It's not just a pop up, Skype is completely useless. It logs in fine, but performance is bad AND it refuses to do multitasking. It quits just like in the old 2.x/3.x days.

What can I do? On IRC you told me it was fixed and it's still doing this. Here's the proof, as a screenshot. This is the latest version of Skype.

alt text

asked 06 Sep '11, 16:04

deleteme2's gravatar image


Sorry I use skype almost everyday and haven't had this problem. Though I do get that pop up

(06 Sep '11, 16:06) cybr1d ♦ cybr1d's gravatar image

That's weird, I too use Skype quite often, and even though I do get that pop up at every startup of the app, the app itself still works once I click OK ...

(06 Sep '11, 17:04) Bioman1000 Bioman1000's gravatar image

i got that popup only once after the initial install. since then skype has been working flawlessly and no popup after that the initial popup

(06 Sep '11, 18:09) nijhawank nijhawank's gravatar image

Yea, I only get that message one after a fresh install.

(06 Sep '11, 21:15) cybr1d ♦ cybr1d's gravatar image

This stupid popup is displayed each time I start Skype, I believe. AND it REFUSES to do multitasking!!! It quits like it was an ancient app!

(07 Sep '11, 08:30) deleteme2 deleteme2's gravatar image

Skype is useless for me. And I'm on 4.3.0 jb'd w/

(07 Sep '11, 08:30) deleteme2 deleteme2's gravatar image

I have MobileSubstrate already installed as it is an essential dependency for many of my apps. I don't see if there's an update available, as it doesn't display one. Is it possible my problem is because I'm on 4.3.0 instead of 4.3.3? (I wish I was on that! but no shsh)

(07 Sep '11, 08:50) deleteme2 deleteme2's gravatar image

Why'd you block out the carrier name? Lol

(08 Sep '11, 22:25) JonSeals ♦ JonSeals's gravatar image


(08 Sep '11, 22:26) cybr1d ♦ cybr1d's gravatar image

good question

(08 Sep '11, 22:29) 1L1keTurtles 1L1keTurtles's gravatar image

Weird, mine works just fine. Try re-installing it.


answered 06 Sep '11, 19:22

JonSeals's gravatar image

JonSeals ♦

Go to Cydia, Search for 'MobileSubstrate' and install it. If you already have it....then update it if there's a update available.


answered 07 Sep '11, 08:37

raviraj%20jailbreak%20guru's gravatar image

raviraj jailbreak guru

I had Skype on JB iPhones since 4.0 always had this popup once but performance was always good.

How did you activate your mobile, with sim or did you JB before activation because most JB tools will also hacktivate, this spoils the push notifications (necessary for Skype) and also spoils YouTube. So if your iPhone is hacktivated, then try SAM to remove hacktivation and get properly activated.

If that still doesn't work then your only option is to restore (need the SHSH blobs and watch out for Baseband if you need to unlock with ultrasn0w). After the restore set it up as a new iPhone, don't use a previous backup of your iPhone as it will probably bring back the same problem.


answered 09 Sep '11, 02:19

knightz4u's gravatar image


I never hacktivated my iPhone, I always use an official SIM card.

(09 Sep '11, 07:17) deleteme2 deleteme2's gravatar image

Did you check what SHSH blobs you have on Cydia server?

(10 Sep '11, 01:15) knightz4u knightz4u's gravatar image
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