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Ok, so here's what happened. I successfully jailbroke my iPod Touch 3rd Gen 32GB using Greenpois0n RC5 b2 yesterday. I was one of the first to download and use it as soon as it was released, so at that time Cydia wasn't pounded.

Anyway, everything went smoothly, Cydia had no problems for me. I installed everything I needed and began to transfer my Music and Apps from iTunes, but due to the shitload of crap I was transferring at the time, it froze my iPod somehow and it just won't respond to anything. So I had to reset it by holding the Sleep + Home button for 10 seconds.

So, it resets but gets stuck at the boot logo screen with the Greenpois0n logo. It doesn't boot pass that screen so my iPod was pretty much semi-bricked at that I had to do a restore and re-jailbreak again. By the time I finished, Cydia was already being pounded and it took almost 1 hour just to download the packages (the initializing part where you run Cydia for the first time). You know, the pre installed sources/packages that comes installed with Cydia....

So anyway, after it completed download (at least that's what it seemed like), I then checked the Sources tab and found there to be less sources than usual, which of course was due to the "Cydia being pounded" problem.

So, can someone post a list of the Cydia's pre-installed sources? Or even better, can someone post the "sources.list.d" folder? You can do this by using i-FunBox (make sure you install afc2add from Cydia first), then using iFunBox navigate to:

Raw File System --> etc --> apt --> sources.list.d

and just copy that entire folder and upload it and share it here, it'll be a great help to me as well as many other people, thanks in advance!

asked 07 Feb '11, 01:47

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edited 07 Feb '11, 01:48

bump. Someone please help? It's not a difficult task......I would re-jailbreak again just to get this fixed except I have no idea if Cydia is still being pounded atm since this is only the 2nd day since Greenpois0n was released, and also I have already synced like 20GB of files from iTunes so i don't wanna go through this tedius task'll only take like 3 minutes to do this, and will help others with the same problem too, come on guys anyone?


answered 07 Feb '11, 03:12

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fine, I'll try and help you once I get home... what's your email address?


answered 07 Feb '11, 03:16

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Any luck? I think I may be having the same problem as you. If you got your hands on this folder would you mind sending it my way?


answered 08 Feb '11, 10:52

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Here you go:

Here's a copy of a fresh install of a sources folder:


answered 09 Feb '11, 03:42

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edited 09 Feb '11, 03:43

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