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Hi – Ok here is the deal. I have my friends iPhone 4 from abroad. They wanted to try to jailbreak it to use it here but said it was too much trouble so they gave it to me. The iPhone no longer has sim card because when they left Germany they had to leave that as well.

Before my friend gave it to me he did an apple restore to erase it. Which then meant the iPhone defaulted back to the screen that has unable to activate because there is no sim card and that is where I got the phone.

When I first got it, I wasn’t sure about the iso or the baseband or anything and my friend was clueless. So I started trying to jailbreak it.

I download snowbreeze 2.7.3. and then iPhone iso Iphone3,1_4_3_3_8j2 restore and ran it through snownbreeze. Everything went fine and everything seemed to being great, got snowbreeze to custom iso on my desktop, open tunes, but iPhone in DFU recovery, stared itunes and restore with new snowbreeze iso, and everything was going great until it appeared to freeze.

According to task manager itunes was running but on itunes and the iphone it wasn’t doing anything the completion bar wasn’t moving. I left it think it would just take a while, but when I came back an hour later it was still in the same position. So I disconnected the iPhone by just unplugging it and tried again. And this is where the problems really started.

Every time I stated iTunes and tried to finish the update I would get errors. First was error 1400, then I would get 3914,

So it fix error 3914 I download Tinyumbrella.

And it would allow it go further in iTunes and restoring, but still the restore would freeze or I would get errors like error 1400, 1300 1600.

And that is where I am now? I will do anything to fix this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP Me!!!

If it helps according to Tinyumbrella they found 4 SHSH on my iphone iPhone4 4.3.4(8k2) iPhone4 5.0b1 iPhone4 5.0b2 iPhone4 5.0b3 and the info Tinyumbrella says about my phone is: devince model: MC608LL/A – iphone 4 Installed Firmware: 4.3.4 Installed Baseband: 94.10.01-ICE_2_13

Please please – this is killing, I know there has to be a solution but hell if I can figure it out. If you have any other questions please let me know, feel free to post here or email me directly (

Like I said I will do anything to get this fixed! Thanks Ashley

asked 19 Jul '11, 18:13

DianaPrince's gravatar image


Whoa, now that's you know what, I think you had it in your hands at the start, I reckon you only had to jailbreak with Redsn0w and it would have been done, but you really should have found out the firmware & baseband versions before starting anything. I think the custom restore failed because of the signing, or lack of it.

Does itunes or TinyUmbrella recognise it now?


answered 19 Jul '11, 18:27

venusanann's gravatar image


edited 02 Feb '12, 20:24

spockers's gravatar image

spockers ♦♦

Thank I know - get wanted to make sure I got all the info in.

OK - yes, they both recognize the iPhone (as long as its not in DFU mode)

In iTunes, it will always say you need to restore the phone, and you can with all the regular apple ISO and then it get to the screen saying the phone failed activation because it doesn't have a sim card in. However if I try to restore it with snowbreeze ISO it freezes during itunes restore or come up with an error message


answered 19 Jul '11, 18:37

DianaPrince's gravatar image


What does TinyUmbrella say the current firmware & baseband versions are?, and what's the error message itunes gives?

(19 Jul '11, 18:39) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

4.3.4. It doesn't look good...

(19 Jul '11, 18:40) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Installed Firmware: 4.3.4

Installed Baseband: 94.10.01-ICE_2_13


answered 19 Jul '11, 18:42

DianaPrince's gravatar image


Sorry, I missed where you originally gave this info, anyway, you're SOL for jailbreaking untethered, and your baseband isn't unlockable anyway via ultrasn0w

(19 Jul '11, 18:45) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

crap - any way I can downgrade either to make it semi useable if not completely useable?


answered 19 Jul '11, 21:33

DianaPrince's gravatar image


and just so I understand completely ---- jail breaking means I am able to update phone and add things via itunes and unlocking means I can use another carrier sim card than then one it is locked with right???

And what does tethered mean?


answered 19 Jul '11, 21:37

DianaPrince's gravatar image


A tethered jailbreak means you have to connect it to the computer (and a jailbreak tool) to boot everytime you reboot your phone(or battery dies etc.)


answered 19 Jul '11, 22:17

cybr1d's gravatar image

cybr1d ♦

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