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So I would like to know how many Ipod touch 4G 4.2.1 users are successful in jailbreaking their device using GreenPoison? I'm kinda new to this stuff and I don't want to mess up my device. I've read several comments (so far) that it has many issues. Please and thank you! :)

Will like answers that are HELPFUL. :)

asked 06 Feb '11, 08:55

rukie09's gravatar image


It works perfectly for me i have an iPod touch 4g with 4.2.1. And I think GP is the easiest program to do the jailbreak. You don't need to do anything else just what the program says. And it is only tó put the device into DFU mode so i think you can succesfully jailbreak your iPod touch :D


answered 06 Feb '11, 09:15

arcs5's gravatar image


Orayt. Hope it goes well for me too. Thanks! :)

(06 Feb '11, 09:22) rukie09 rukie09's gravatar image


(06 Feb '11, 09:22) FlyHi FlyHi's gravatar image

As long as you backup your device before you jailbreak, and you follow Gp's instructions you should be perfectly fine. :)


answered 06 Feb '11, 09:03

FlyHi's gravatar image


Have you jailbroken yours already?

(06 Feb '11, 09:14) rukie09 rukie09's gravatar image

I've jailbroken several times, with blackra1n, and redsn0w... I literally have my iPod plugged into my computer, and am getting ready to jb now.

Edit* I've never had ANY problems that couldn't be fixed in 5 minutes.

(06 Feb '11, 09:21) FlyHi FlyHi's gravatar image

To some extent it is, what problems are you having, I may be able to help you


answered 06 Feb '11, 09:09

FlyHi's gravatar image


It's my first time jailbreaking my device since I bought it 2 weeks ago. I'm kinda nervous about this so I'm making sure everything goes well. Will ask you again if I encountered problems. :)

(06 Feb '11, 09:16) rukie09 rukie09's gravatar image

Ok, sure thing.

(06 Feb '11, 09:22) FlyHi FlyHi's gravatar image

i'm having problems too but its all about luck i think! :)


answered 06 Feb '11, 09:07

LilTunechi4ever's gravatar image


I jailbroke 4.2.1 iPod Touch 4g last night with GreenPois0n on Windows 7 and it worked like a charm the very first time, no problems whatsoever. If you are on a Mac use beta 3. If Windows use the only one out as of now, beta 2. I've use BlackRa1n,, and RedSn0w 0.9.6 in the past and GreenPois0n is the best out of all of them.


answered 06 Feb '11, 09:58

jfazyankees's gravatar image


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