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Hey, just bought and iphone 4 to repair, realized it was water damage (smells more like baileys to me) anyways im just going to sell it on ebay as the model # is MC603C/A, I poked around the internet and this seems to be the model # of factory unlocked iphones, although itunes tells me the sim that came with it is not valid, im thinking it is just that the sim reader is damaged, but was wondering if anyone out there has a factory unlocked phone with the same model #? And i already checked the about menu and it says carrier is not available.

asked 30 May '11, 02:13

therealcmac's gravatar image


I think all Black 16GB iPhone 4s sold in Canada carry the same model number, it is not enough to know if its locked or not, given your observation i would rather think it is locked.

The easiest way is to try different SIM cards and see which one succeeds in activating in iTunes, the alternative is to jailbreak and hacktivate, then install SAM, SAM allows you to try different carrier SIM card ID prefixes, this substitutes the need to have actual SIM cards to try activation.

The FAQ has more details on using SAM here


answered 30 May '11, 02:52

knightz4u's gravatar image


edited 30 May '11, 02:53

Ive already hactivated, problem is the lcd is dead,the only way to navigate the phone is to take screenshots as i guess what i am pressing and look at the pics on my computer.....i just want to know what carrier it is so i can sell it....

(30 May '11, 03:32) therealcmac therealcmac's gravatar image

i only have access to two different sims so i will check the other tomorrow and see if it gets reception....

(30 May '11, 03:34) therealcmac therealcmac's gravatar image

ok i see that the c/a is my country....wish i could find a list of model numbers in relation to which carrier they are like this one but for iphone 4

(30 May '11, 03:39) therealcmac therealcmac's gravatar image

With the bad LCD it becomes very hard to navigate through SAM, don't you think you need to fix the screen first.

Anyways, to help you test with the 2 SIMs, you can remove hacktivation by SSHing to the device and run the following 2 lines:

rm -rf /var/root/Library/Lockdown

killall -TERM lockdownd SpringBoard

A connect to iTunes image (if your LCD was good, this is NOT recovery mode) will show up, simply reconnect your iPhone to iTunes and it will attempt to reactivate.


answered 30 May '11, 03:43

knightz4u's gravatar image


ya i hear you on fixing the lcd, but i have no interest in spending more money on the phone, im just flipping it on ebay, i will just list it as carrier unknown. As for ssh i havent even opened cydia as i cannot see anyting. Thanks for your help.

(30 May '11, 03:49) therealcmac therealcmac's gravatar image

You can build a custom firmware file with sn0wbreeze and include OpenSSH, that way you only need to start the device up and then access it with SSH (provided you can find out the IP address from your router DHCP table).

(30 May '11, 04:33) knightz4u knightz4u's gravatar image
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