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Firstly thanks so much for your answers to

Ive been searching everywhere for some info about this and finally you guys came to the rescue.

If possible I'd like to get a bit of extra clarification regarding the answer about the printing register values bug...Obviously I can see the issue when you do an "info registers", but is that just a display issue?

If I were to check register values for a specific value and if found set a BP, would that work? Or can GDB not read the values at all?

Many thanks,


asked 12 May '11, 05:24

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Ok. Fired up GDB and ran a test single stepping some code and checking for a known value to appear in a register and setting a break point if its found. The test worked so it seems its just displaying the registers thats the problem.

Not the most convenient method but you can see the register values with p/x $r0 and p/d $r0


answered 12 May '11, 07:20

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edited 12 May '11, 07:55

Thanks for the trick, I can go back to 4.3 now if it's only a display problem.

(14 May '11, 15:25) dmooray dmooray's gravatar image


attaching to the process instead of starting it from gdb worked for me (iOS 5).

do : gdb -p <pid>

gdb seems more stable this way and show registers and memory without crashing.

Hope it helps.



answered 03 Nov '11, 09:22

pod2g's gravatar image


Which version of gdb did you use on iOS5? 1705-13 available on cydia?

(10 Nov '11, 11:35) carl carl's gravatar image

Might be worth tweeting

(10 Nov '11, 11:36) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

Hi again,

here's some stuff I wrote to disable ASLR and start a command halted so that one can debug a command crashing on startup with iOS 5's gdb.

> posix_spawn mycrashingcommand -itsargs &
[1] 12345
> gdb -p 12345


answered 04 Nov '11, 12:17

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edited 04 Nov '11, 12:21

Here's a tutorial on how to install gdb on iOS 4.3 that also has a nice gdb script to fix the register problem.



answered 16 May '11, 18:14

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edited 16 May '11, 18:14

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