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I have searched & scoured this site but was unable to find a solution. I am currently sitting on a 4.1 iPhone (jailbroken with greenpoison back in the day) and have been waiting for a untethered 4.2.1 jailbreak (had no interest in tethered JB).

Since the untethered JB is now out, I am thinking about the following:

a) i have regular itunes app store apps
b) i have cydia installed non-gui apps/packages (like openssh)
c) i have cydia installed special apps (like sbsettings, lockinfo)
d) i have cydia installed gui apps (like mobileterminal)
e) i have [ILLEGALLY] installed ipa's

So i am thinking: as soon as i install the 4.2.1 firmware via iTunes surely b,c,d,e apps will all be removed. Then i have to jailbreak using greenpois0n and reinstall all these apps one by one, and even reorder them on my home screen. I have read that the settings might stay as the setting files are still in the file system.

However some of the repos i once installed the apps from dont even work so i might not even be able to reinstall them.

So here comes my question: is it possible to do the GP-JB 4.1 to GP-JB 4.2.1 upgrade while keeping all these apps (a-e)? Has anyone done it?

PS: i don't need a baseband unlock

asked 06 Feb '11, 04:34

kabala's gravatar image


edited 16 Feb '11, 15:08

gomanski's gravatar image


I've kept your question, but piracy is not supported on this board. Please don't ask how to pirate apps.

(16 Feb '11, 15:11) gomanski gomanski's gravatar image

try this:

jailbroken phone (in the state you want it to be) backup with itunes. upgrade to 4.2.1 via itunes. after it has finnished stop, do not restore from backup, do not set up as new phone.


run jailbreak and then back over to itunes and sync all your apps.

itunes will then add all the apps

i have done this this very morning (uk time) and all my apps are there but they are not in thier folders.

you will have to install things like infinidock and infinifolders and re organize it all but its certainly easier than selecting all the apps.


answered 06 Feb '11, 05:01

gav1b's gravatar image


edited 16 Feb '11, 15:09

gomanski's gravatar image


Hm interesting. But what about non-gui apps like sbsettings or lockinfo. They dont show up as apps on the homefolder or itunes. And they will surely be removed after the 4.2.1 update?

(06 Feb '11, 05:05) kabala kabala's gravatar image

I've kept your answer, but piracy is not supported on this board. Do not give links or instructions on how to illegally obtain apps.

(16 Feb '11, 15:11) gomanski gomanski's gravatar image

My phone was 4.1 limera1n. I just updated it to 4.2.1 and just jailbreak it with 4.2.1 . Your apps are still there but Cydia tweaks are gone. I don't know if theres a way to keep your tweaks.


answered 06 Feb '11, 04:39

bart1995's gravatar image


By tweaks you are referring to apps/packages?

(06 Feb '11, 04:50) kabala kabala's gravatar image

Alright, after rc6 was released I thought I might try my luck.

  1. I was on 4.1 jailbroken via gp rc4
  2. I upgraded firmware to 4.2.1 via iTunes
  3. cydia tweaks where then gone, a) and e) where still there
  4. I jailbroke via gp rc6 -> worked flawlessly
  5. Installed cydia
  6. All custom repos where gone, so I tried adding one -> suddenly all old repos where automatically readded
  7. I reinstalled all my cydia apps
  8. All reinstalled cydia apps still had all my settings!

So the interesting thing for me was that almost everything was still on my phone after upgrading firmware. Question is, what would have happened if I had to restore? Would the restore have wiped my settigns? Don't know.


answered 15 Feb '11, 12:56

kabala's gravatar image



Nope, impossible I'm afraid. Upgrading to 4.2.1 will remove all your non-Apple apps. You can use CyBackup or PkgBackup to handle reinstalling them, but you'll need sources.


answered 06 Feb '11, 04:39

Endareth's gravatar image


I see. So the CyBackup/PkgBackup thingie will not reinstall the apps but rather handle redownloading/restoring settings?

Also what happens with the non-apple ipa's?

(06 Feb '11, 04:51) kabala kabala's gravatar image

The recent update of PkgBackup fixes an issue it had with user added Cydia sources, so it can now handle re-adding your sources, reinstalling all Cydia apps, and restoring most (if not all) settings.

(16 Feb '11, 16:36) Endareth Endareth's gravatar image
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