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by the way, i want to upgrade because of the emulators, and i dont know if i just run rc6.1 over rc5 or that, I tried some weeks ago to run rc6 over rc5 and nothing happened, well, it happened, it crashed and I had to restore, to rc5, so emulators still dont work...

im on 4.2.1 (obvious) iPod touch 4G

asked 07 May '11, 11:38

JoaoPedroPB's gravatar image


Gotta ask why you're not on 4.3.3?

(07 May '11, 11:39) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

because i dont want to lose my apps and everything, im planning to buy pkgbackup but i dont know if its worth it, I mean, updating is a pain in the ass lol

(07 May '11, 11:44) JoaoPedroPB JoaoPedroPB's gravatar image

if the only way is to upgrade ill do it...

(07 May '11, 11:45) JoaoPedroPB JoaoPedroPB's gravatar image

Just write down what you have installed and start from scratch? That's what I do every so often.


answered 07 May '11, 11:57

andyjhall's gravatar image


but cant i run greenpoison rc6.1 over my rc5? that way i wont lose anything

(07 May '11, 12:09) JoaoPedroPB JoaoPedroPB's gravatar image


go there with winscp for instance, reinstall all the apps+tweaks and such that u have installed and or want to have on your phone after restore.

BEFORE on every restart springboard or reboot device that cydia wants to do if you can't install all at once, refresh the view on your ssh browser (winscp or such) and copy the .deb files of your cydia apps & tweaks that have appeared on the phone, because they will propably get deleted automatically by cydia.

So after you've collected all those .deb files, restore and after restore when u've jailbroken the device and you have cydia on it, put the .deb files to /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall , then reboot and resping device and launch cydia, then cydia autoinstalls those deb files to the device.

Or buy and use pkgbackup but from my experience, it won't always do all, some are left uninstalled...


answered 07 May '11, 12:08

evangr8's gravatar image


good ideia... so i can just copy everything and after update i can reinstall, very nice thought, and what about the settings? :S

(07 May '11, 12:11) JoaoPedroPB JoaoPedroPB's gravatar image

guess i now have to find a way to save preferences

(07 May '11, 12:44) JoaoPedroPB JoaoPedroPB's gravatar image
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