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So pretty much there u have it, makes calls, receives mms, wifi works but no mobile data, I am on AT&T n have all ssh saved, but well with no mobile data my phone is useless. Ay ideas??? I tried ultrasn0w but it didn't help. It only took care of signal bar. Plz help!!!

asked 29 Apr '11, 17:34

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answered 29 Apr '11, 17:37

JonSeals's gravatar image

JonSeals ♦

Didn't help, I ended up downgrading to 4.2.1

(29 Apr '11, 17:39) Xenofiber Xenofiber's gravatar image

...and fixed it?

(29 Apr '11, 17:40) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

Ah, alright.

(29 Apr '11, 17:40) JonSeals ♦ JonSeals's gravatar image

After downgrading back to 4.2.1 everything works just how I had it before, I don't even now if I should even bother preserving the baseband, will there ever really b and unlock?

(29 Apr '11, 17:44) Xenofiber Xenofiber's gravatar image

Strange why it didn't work on 4.3.2, did you have APN settings option on 4.3.2, did you check it?, could be down to baseband/firmware mismatch, who knows, but there are issues being reported about ultrasn0w causing issues on preserved 1.59.00 baseband on for baseband preservation, well that is the big question, noone knows if it's worth the preservation or not, you would kinda hope that Musclenerd might give some insight into this, but seeing that he's not, you just gotta decide for yourself what if any baseband version gets unlocked, maybe Geohot needs to come back to the scene and do his magic and sort it out.

(29 Apr '11, 17:50) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

Well imma stay in 4.2.1 for now maybe they will have a fix soon or I'll just wait till ios5

(29 Apr '11, 18:04) Xenofiber Xenofiber's gravatar image

I might be late to this but just wanted to highlight that MMS is one form of a cellular data connection, so if MMS works you might need to check out that your cellular data APN information is correct, when you come back to 4.3.2 or other higher versions and (if) you have a cellular data issue try to Reset Network Settings and then sync with iTunes to refresh the carrier settings and test the connection.

(01 May '11, 06:18) knightz4u knightz4u's gravatar image

Download SAM and de-activate. Add the following repo in Cydia: install Install “SAM” and “SAMPrefs” then Go to Settings > SAM, then click “De-Activate iPhone”. Make sure iTunes is on, plug your iPhone and let iTunes activate your iPhone. If iTunes says “Invalid SIM”, you will need to manually select a carrier under Settings > Carrier.

This will bring up face time and apn settings.


answered 04 May '11, 09:48

airbibo's gravatar image


Well thanks for the info but well as I do have n use At&t I dont use hactivation, so I'm not sure how this well this would work, I'm on 4.2.1 now and with 4.3.2 just around the Conner ill try it then.

(04 May '11, 09:55) Xenofiber Xenofiber's gravatar image

It does work, im not a useer of ATT myself so give it a shot.


answered 04 May '11, 09:57

airbibo's gravatar image


im on 4.3.2

(04 May '11, 09:58) airbibo airbibo's gravatar image
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