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This issue is presumably only present on older firmwares (notoriously on iOS 5, but also on 6-7 to some degree?). When your sms.db grows over (presumably) 200 mb in size you'll get the "Your SMS mailbox is full. New messages cannot be received until you delete some messages" error message upon entering This is possibly associated with how iOS handles db files, not cleaning them when needed

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asked 28 Jul '17, 07:21

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This question/answer is posted for indexing purposes, so this might be helpful for someone on older fw (presumably this is no longer an issue on 9-11?).

If you are on an older iOS version, chances are you are jailbroken. If so, things are easier. If not, this might not work for you simply because you need to reimport a system db file, which is tricky without jb.

Get hold of your sms.db (var/mobile/Library/SMS). Making a backup copy is advised (if you didn't care about your messages you could've had just wiped the database and carry on, but you are here instead) Open it in an SQLite reader/editor (iFile has one built in), and run a


command from the SQLite console, and let it run. Springboard might crash (mine did 6 times due to watchdog losing its mind). Once the command has completed the db size should shrink. Presumably, the limit is 200mb, if it's lower you should be good to go

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answered 28 Jul '17, 07:23

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