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I'm still on iOS 8.1.2 on my 5s & I'm hesitant to upgrade as I have read of new iCloud based phone monitoring software that is easily (well easier I suppose) downloaded to a device running iOS 9+, & is described much more difficult to apply to a device running iOS 8.x.x.? Any feedback to this topic? I just find it interesting & if anyone else is holding back for that reason or maybe more reasons I'm unaware of. Thanks for your help & response in advance.

asked 01 Aug '16, 13:10

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Hello? Anybody here anymore?

(05 Aug '16, 02:55) macv8r macv8r's gravatar image

The chances of someone breaching into your iOS device without your involvement (eg. installing cracked tweaks, visiting known malicious websites) is minimal, regardless of your iOS version.

Still, it is far more likely that the latest version of iOS would be targeted over an older one (such as 8.1.2), and because of that, your current version is far safer. Not to mention that iOS 9 has seen a 0day sold for a million dollars, and no one knows if it still exists in the latest version.

You should be comparing tweak compatibility and performance between 8.1.2 and 9.3.3 if you are looking into updating, as it is far easier to protect your device from malicious intrusions compared to the impossible task of getting the performance of your previous iOS version back (impossible because it is impossible to downgrade). And you should do it quickly. 9.3.3 could become unsigned any moment now.


answered 09 Aug '16, 07:34

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King Shoot

edited 09 Aug '16, 07:35

Wish I checked in earlier... but let me get this straight if I can. iOS 9.3.4 is now out but Apple is still signing 9.3.3 correct? So if I'm on 8.1.2 I should upgrade to 9.3.4 then downgrade to 9.3.3 before Apple stops signing 9.3.3?

(21 Aug '16, 10:22) macv8r macv8r's gravatar image

No, you should download the 9.3.3 ipsw and shift click in iTunes when you restore your phone. You can go straight to 9.3.3.

(21 Aug '16, 13:09) xamas xamas's gravatar image

I downloaded ISPW 9.3.3. I'M not familiar with the 'shift-click' function...could you explain? Thanks for your help btw!

(22 Aug '16, 02:04) macv8r macv8r's gravatar image

I researched it & found the correct procedure, ran procedure & all seems well for now! Thank you so much @xamas & @King Shoot

(22 Aug '16, 03:00) macv8r macv8r's gravatar image

Glad it worked out.

(22 Aug '16, 05:43) xamas xamas's gravatar image
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