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Ever since I installed my jailbreak on iphone 5c, any time i reboot cydia substrate does not work. If i just respring, it doesn't start working either, what I have to do is reinstall cydia substrate and then respring (which i do from the "respring" app on the bigboss repo. I'm not sure what happened, its been like this since the first time i installed the JB. iOS 9.0.2 with 5c model A1532

asked 15 Dec '15, 19:40

theyodj445's gravatar image


Repos and tweaks please.......

(15 Dec '15, 20:19) xamas xamas's gravatar image

@xamas you don't get it. I literally have uninstalled everything and removed every non-default repo and reinstalled substrate, and it still persists. As I've said it has been since I first jailbroke with only the default tweaks it has happened, so terrible shouldn't be any need for repos/tweaks

(15 Dec '15, 21:06) theyodj445 theyodj445's gravatar image

What did you uninstall? Problems don't usually happen for absolutely no reason. For instance, if you had pirated tweaks installed at one time, that alone could have borked your phone. That's why I asked.....

(15 Dec '15, 21:31) xamas xamas's gravatar image

I mean thanks for the response, just it's been happening since the start of the jailbreak when I first installed substrate and I've only had the default repos ever except the rpetrish which I recently installed, and I always buy my Cydia tweaks legitimately (and frequently to be completely honest

(15 Dec '15, 23:08) theyodj445 theyodj445's gravatar image

First it was:

"I literally have uninstalled everything and removed every non-default repo and reinstalled substrate"


"and I've only had the default repos ever except the rpetrish"

We went from every to just one recently. Sorry, i sense dishonesty here

(16 Dec '15, 11:50) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Ya think? Lol

(16 Dec '15, 13:03) xamas xamas's gravatar image
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Asked: 15 Dec '15, 19:40

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