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Hi! I have an iphone 6s 64 gb running ios 9.0.2. My phone started rebooting randomly, like when watching videos or listening to music, even when doing absolutelely nothing, like when left to recharge its battery or lie down on the table. I did add one pirate repo (HYI), I like to have a sneak peek of what the paid tweaks feel like before actually buying the,, but it's now uninstalled together with all the packages I downloaded from it (I already checked twice I don't have any tweak left from that repo, as I said, just wanted a look before paying for the tweak)

I have the following tweaks: Activator Air traffic command Alkaline Anchor Anemone Antitheft+ Applist Aria2 Auris Barrel Batterylife Berryc8 Betterfivecolumnhomescreen BetterFiveIconDock Betterfourbyfourfolders Bigboss Icon Set Bioprotect BrowserBreadCrumbCleanup Bunny Bytafont3 Bytafont Tweak Mode CacheClearer Caviar Dreams Font CCsettings for ios 8/9 CrashReporter Cuttlefish Cydia Installer Cydia Substrate Cydia translations Date In Status Bar Emojikey F.lux FSVideoOnlyMessages GifViewer Harry P Font HideMeX (ios 9) HotDog icleaner IconArt iFile Keyvibe LockBeam Minimal Hosts Blocker Minimal.ios.8 Networklist Pangu 9.0.x Untether Patcyh Priority Hub RetroArch (ios9) Sleipnizer for Safari (ios 9) Snapper Snes9x EX Speed Intensifier SpeedBattery for Alkaline SpringboardAccess StatusVol Sticky Substrate Safe Mode Swipe Home Switch Service TapTapFlip Tweak Count 2 VideoPane VirtualHome 8 n 9 Watusi YouTube++ Zeppelin Zeppelin Pokemon Logos 3dNoLag

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I really don't want to restore my iphone, but I'm sick of it rebooting at key moments, especially when I have to get the shot with the camera and surprise surprise, it reboots, let alone the cash spent on paid tweaks.

asked 13 Dec '15, 19:24

WillSoon92's gravatar image


THAT is exactly the problem that occurs when you install one of the pirate repos and pirated tweaks. Just because you uninstalled the pirated tweaks, and or the repo, doesn't mean damage was not done to your phone! Now you have to hope that the reboot problem is not caused by that, and that it is just an incompatibility caused by one of your legit tweaks. If you remember the last tweak that you installed before the problem began, try removing it and see if that fixes the problem.


answered 13 Dec '15, 20:17

xamas's gravatar image


I had the same problem WITHOUT any pirated repos. iPhone 6s 64gb as well. It was while 9.0.2 was still being signed though. A restore fixed it and I jailbroke still. I do however get random reboots at night now every now and then. I only know because Touch ID says I need to enter my password when I wake up. I do recommend staying away from pirated tweaks though even if you do the "try before you buy" thing. I did that back on iOS 6 and had MAJOR problems. Those tweaks are not updated as frequently as the developers of the real tweaks do. My answer. Restore helped me. I would like to think 9.2 is close to being jailbroke, but we don't know for sure. Either keep your jailbreak, deal with the rebooting and wait it out. Or, restore and wait for 9.2 jailbreak. (Fingers crossed). I've seen several websites say it has to do with 9.0.2 as well. So idk. Hope I helped a little.

(13 Dec '15, 21:11) Shonc502 Shonc502's gravatar image
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