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Good day to all of you,

I have a question, and I would really appreciate your assistance in this matter:

I own an Ipad Mini 2. It is on IOS 8.4. I wanted to restore it completely (not just semirestore) and re-apply TAIG Jailbreak and decided to run Cydia Impactor Tweak, Latest Version 0.9.17. Unfortunately, it goes wrong always at the same point: It says something about "cfacontrol.sock". The exact Error Code is: "reset.cpp:352 fts_info=3: ./Library/caches/cfacontrol.sock"

Can anyone tell me how to fix this, please? I have uninstalled everything from my device, I mean: At this moment I have only installed the default repos, the standard files from Cydia (no tweaks, at all, just Cydia Impactor) and it is not working.

It is really anoyning, as I think I have a problem of "missing file" over my device, but do not know what happens. Cydia Impactor is always stopping at the same point, and gives me always the same Error Code.

Thanks in advance for your Help. Greetings

asked 13 Dec '15, 08:32

conduende's gravatar image


The trouble with Cydia Impactor is that it is in beta. Even though it is supposed to work, there are no guarantees. I have seen anecdotal reports of users who keep trying and eventually it does indeed work.

(13 Dec '15, 08:45) xamas xamas's gravatar image

Well. Thanks for your answer xamas!.

I know Cydia Impactor is still in Beta. But it always worked for me. I have an Iphone 5 and an Ipad 4 and both have been restores recently VIA Impactor and worked like a charm.

I know IMPACTOR has Random connection problems sometimes, but they are Eror codes related to "cpp host error" and things like that. The Error is giving me now, it is more connected to a missing file in my device, or something. Do you know anything about this error? It is always failing at the same point. And my other devices don´t! Weird...

(13 Dec '15, 08:54) conduende conduende's gravatar image

Did you delete any of the stock Apple files? For example, any of the keyboard languages?

(13 Dec '15, 09:21) xamas xamas's gravatar image

No. Not at all. I do not use to "mess around" with filesystem. Do you think I will need to download something and put it on my device via my IFILE paid tweak?

(13 Dec '15, 09:28) conduende conduende's gravatar image

Since you didn't remove any system files Impactor should work fine. Try it a few more times. If it doesn't work, reinstall it and try again. It's still in beta so problems are not uncommon.

(13 Dec '15, 10:27) King Shoot King%20Shoot's gravatar image

just a heads up, impactor is beta only on ios 9

(13 Dec '15, 12:31) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Ok. I managed to solve the problem:

With Ifile, I located the file "cfacontrol.sock". It is, apparently, a file created by my paid tweak "Controllers For All" which was installed from ModMyi default Cydia repository.

It seems that this Tweak creates two odd files: "cfacontrol.sock" . and also "Btstack.sock" in Temporary Folder and also in Library/cache.

Now, after I removed both files and without rebooting or anything like this, I have used again Impactor..... Worked perfectly.

Now, my device is already factory restored and still in IOS 8.4!

Hope this solution will help people with similar problems in future.

Regards from Spain.


answered 13 Dec '15, 11:11

conduende's gravatar image


Interesting. Never knew files from a tweak could impact Impactor (lol) in that way. I'd assume it would just remove them. Well, glad you solved it.

(13 Dec '15, 11:13) King Shoot King%20Shoot's gravatar image

Good for you.

(13 Dec '15, 11:25) xamas xamas's gravatar image
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