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My iMessage won't activate. It always says waiting for activation. How do you fix this?

asked 15 Nov '15, 20:49

Derek13's gravatar image


are you jailbroken? what carrier? what ios? what tweaks? what repo's?

(15 Nov '15, 21:50) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

iMessage doesn't work on Ice Cream Sandwich, downgrade to Easter Egg.

(16 Nov '15, 01:02) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

iMessage bug can be sorted out. by going to time and date. If auto time is on turn it off. change the date back a few weeks. And change your time back or forward a few hours. go out of settings then go back in settings and turn on auto time and date. If that fails you will need to sign out of iMessage and repeat the process then reboot the device. This will work on most Apple devices. If you don't get anywhere with this. you will need to restore settings on the hand set. With the reset all settings option without deleting data option. Then you should be good with the iMessage. If that don't work you will be forced to restore in iTunes. And have to update to latest iOS firmware. If you are jail broken I'd do iTunes restore as last resort.


answered 16 Nov '15, 04:30

simonmcmillan's gravatar image


edited 16 Nov '15, 17:37


You should go through your tweaks, I think one of them killed your comma and period keys on your keyboard.

(16 Nov '15, 13:14) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Lol I'm sorry. There is nothing wrong with my key board. I just didn't put them in and my device is not jail broken it is on stock iOS 9.1 but thanks anyway for heads up sprockets :)

(16 Nov '15, 16:45) simonmcmillan simonmcmillan's gravatar image

i dunno about you but its really hard to read really long run on sentences that should have punctuation in it because its hard to tell when a thought ends or a meaning can be inferred but you would miss that without those and there is a reason there are those things called punctuation because without it most people wont even bother reading what you typed however you typed it but since i did people will laugh and give this a thumbs up as it is a perfect example of why punctuation should be used because if you dont it doesnt seem like you made it past third grade but you wouldnt own a computer if you were in third grade still and it says a whole lot more and i can continue to type this giant wall of text but im sure you get the point

(16 Nov '15, 17:01) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

I get what you saying. And understand. But the answer I gave. is the way to fix it. :)

(16 Nov '15, 17:13) simonmcmillan simonmcmillan's gravatar image

you get all that from "imessage wont activate please help"?

(16 Nov '15, 17:36) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

I have had first hand experience. With this issue my self. With iMessage not activating many times now. After updating iOS and also from restoring from a backup :)

(16 Nov '15, 17:43) simonmcmillan simonmcmillan's gravatar image

The guy's not even jail broken!


answered 16 Nov '15, 17:42

Fishy2's gravatar image


The method I have answered with. Works with stock iOS and on jail broken devices. It does not matter if you are jail broken or not this will work

(16 Nov '15, 17:49) simonmcmillan simonmcmillan's gravatar image

That's not the point, this is a jail break forum, for helping with jail break issues. He's asking for help in the wrong place.

(16 Nov '15, 17:53) Fishy2 Fishy2's gravatar image

Oh right I see lol fair anoth comment but when I answered I wasn't informed if the person was jail broken or not I just mentioned how to fix it and help out :)

(16 Nov '15, 17:58) simonmcmillan simonmcmillan's gravatar image
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