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When using dissident, feature wise, everything worked perfectly, however I had been attempting to find the culprit causing my phone to quit waking up to show any notifications like it's supposed to. It would even go as far as when someone called it wouldn't ring or vibrate at all but when I unlocked my device the badges and notifications are all there, even for calls.

After uninstalling this solved my problem but I was really wanting to use it due to an app for my work I had it setup where when I went out it still acted like it was in the foreground saving me time and hastle with the slow clunky app. Is there a workaround for Dissident or comparable app that I can use to be able to do the same?

Edit: The primary goal of my question is to hopefully find a known working alternative to Dissident so I can keep using the "Foreground" option to make the app run in the background even though it doesn't do it natively.

Why don't you contact the developer and let them know about the issue?

(15 Nov '15, 06:59) xamas xamas's gravatar image

Quite honestly i was tired from my day and releived to find the problem. The primary goal of my question was to find an alternativ that was known to work more than anything else.

(16 Nov '15, 10:37) hensleyj6 hensleyj6's gravatar image

Have a look here.

(16 Nov '15, 12:56) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Thank you for the information. Not sure if it requires anything on my part but with this new information I think its safe to say this question is answered and closed. Again thank you for your help.

(16 Nov '15, 18:10) hensleyj6 hensleyj6's gravatar image

Question was answered by spockers who gave me the following link

After reading through it I was able to get watchdog and am no longer having the issue i was before.


answered 17 Nov '15, 14:02

hensleyj6's gravatar image


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