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I've notice that my battery is on 7 or 8% and turns my iPhone 6 Plus (8.4) off! How to drain battery to 1 or 2%?!

The phone is three months old, 8.4, I've jailbrake as well not much apps or tweaks.

To improve my battery I've turned off the background app refresh, location services are off as well (turn on if necessary)....

Anyone help?

asked 30 Aug '15, 15:11

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edited 30 Aug '15, 15:24

That first sentence doesn't make sense, I don't understand the question.

(30 Aug '15, 15:18) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

I apologize. I've edited!

(30 Aug '15, 15:22) iwanchek iwanchek's gravatar image

List repo/sources and tweaks installed

(30 Aug '15, 18:24) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

Device shutdown at 7%-8% is a symptom of a dying battery. I'd take it to Apple, it's still in warranty. The problem is they will probably want to exchange it, and the replacement might be on 8.4.1.

(30 Aug '15, 18:26) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

My brother was having similar battery life problems on his iPhone 4s running on IOS 8.3 with a TaiG jailbreak, what he did was run Cydia Impactor (removes the jailbreak from your device and restores to factory settings WITHOUT upgrading to the newest IOS, which in this case is 8.4.1) and then only installing tweaks that he actually used. If you decide to do this, back up your device first (Settings > iCloud > Backup)


Just remove any tweaks you don't use lol.


answered 30 Aug '15, 17:59

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edited 30 Aug '15, 18:01

With all due respect how can battery die on 8%?! If the battery was dying it would be drained fast. I've got like whole day without any problems. I don't have not much tweaks from cydia tbh I can post a list here it's not problem at all but shutting the iPhone on 7 or 8 % battery life is strange tho.

(31 Aug '15, 02:44) iwanchek iwanchek's gravatar image

Tell me about it, my brother's phone would be at 7% but then increase to 30% just by turning on Airplane Mode, to me its unexplainable but after removing the jailbreak then jailbreaking once more and installing specific tweaks his battery life improved conpared to how it was before. But definitely wait for more opinions on this topic.

(31 Aug '15, 09:36) enick94 enick94's gravatar image
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