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Good day folks,

I am running iOS 7.1.2 on iPhone 5s 16GB which is jailbroken. Everything works like lags or battery drain or anything however i was thinking of Upgrading to iOS 8.4 and jailbreaking it while i still can. Can anyone please advice me on this? Will i have any positive/negative impact on battery life? Charging time or anything else? Should i do it or not?

Comments will be appreciated. Best Regards

asked 22 Aug '15, 12:54

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closed 23 Aug '15, 07:14

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Too late now, Apple has stopped signing 8.4.......

(22 Aug '15, 21:27) xamas xamas's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Solved" by Tilerone, 23 Aug '15, 07:14

Yes do it quick while 8.4 is signed ..... Many bug and security fixes, More apps to install.

Get your 8.4 ipsw here quick.

Dint forget to back up first. Then use latest taig.


answered 22 Aug '15, 12:56

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edited 22 Aug '15, 12:57

But you did not comment on Performance? will it be better or worse? kindly update

(22 Aug '15, 13:04) dork997 dork997's gravatar image

Better......or same ..... or I would have warned you(......depends really on how you use your device ....put it this way ...lim using an iPad 2 whilst typing this jailbroke on 8.4 which has a way slower processor than the iPhone 5s. It's fine...... And I use my iPad like its a desktop/laptop.

(22 Aug '15, 13:17) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

Hi Dork997,

Until 2 weeks ago, I was in the same situation; iPhone 5s 16GB (Sprint) with 7.1.2 and life was good.

Only a couple of my tweaks from 7.1.2 wouldn't work due to incompatibility but I found alternative ones which were either better or weren't a pain at all to get used to.

As far as performance, I don't notice too much of an improvement but its definitely NOT slower by any means. I feel it's a little faster but as with all things, "your mileage may vary" :P

It was worth it in my opinion. I hope my comments help.

Also, I want to take the oppportunity to thank the community and the developers! My phone is customized just the way I like it and its due to your guys' hardwork and contributions. Thanks again.


answered 22 Aug '15, 21:00

m_a_rodriguez's gravatar image


Hello rodriguez, i have updated my phone to 8.4 and just jailbroke it with Taig. All good so far except battery is draining a bit faster than ios 7 and signal is bit weaker than it used to be. No impact on speed its actually snappier. Can you please tell me how much battery do you lose overnight if you leave the wifi ON? i tested and lost about 11%-13% in 12 hours with wifi left on.

(23 Aug '15, 05:03) dork997 dork997's gravatar image

Hi dork997,

I usually leave my phone charging all night but I went ahead and left it alone, with WiFi on, for last night and I lost about 8% of battery. I also don't use bluetooth much so I have the bluetooth radio turned off.

(24 Aug '15, 08:38) m_a_rodriguez m_a_rodriguez's gravatar image

Thanks I have asked another question regarding battery life which has become terrible after iOS 8.4 update kindly comment on that as well.

(26 Aug '15, 04:23) dork997 dork997's gravatar image

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