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Hello, today on the bus home from school I was clearing my notifications in the notification center when my phone froze. Thinking it would solve the problem I held the power button and home button until I saw the Apple logo. The lock screen never popped up, my phone was stuck at the Apple logo. So I held both buttons once again and then when the Apple logo popped up I held the volume up button. After the that the lock screen popped up but (as to be expected) none of the tweaks were working. I then went into Cydia to reinstall RocketBootstrap and Substrate Safe Mode. After reinstalling those the tweaks still were not working. Anything I can do to fix this? Thanks!

asked 13 Aug '15, 16:43

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closed 13 Aug '15, 18:43

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theiphoneguy ♦

what device? what ios? list installed sources and tweaks. please do not leave out any requested info

(13 Aug '15, 16:45) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

iPhone 6, iOS 8.4, and it was working fine after I installed any tweaks, but there is a lot of tweaks installed.

Acapella 2 Activator Adblocker 2 Alkaline Alympus Apex 2 Appcolorclose AppETA AFC2 AppList Appsync Unified BatteryFlow BioProtect Blurrybadges booksong Bytafont 2 Call Enhancer Callbar CameraTweak 3 Carrier Unlimited Send CheeseCake Controllers for all Cornered CrashReporter Cydia Impactor Cydia Install Cydia substrate Cydia Timeout Cydia Translations Dim Emoji83+ Faded Flex 2 ForceGoodFit Frontflash GroovyLock GuestMode Hide Badge Text HideMe8 iCleaner Pro IconBundles IFFound2 iFile iMessage Unlimited Media Send iREc Recorder libcolorpicker LockGlyph LyricForMusic MirMir MobileTerminal Mobius MultiIconMover+ NCifNeeded nds4ios [Stable] Nightmode8 NoNowPlayingStatusBar NoTracking+ OpenSSH Patchy Phantom for Snapchat PM, Really? Power Tap Priority Hub Protean Qr Mode Record n Torch recordPause RevealNC RomanPasscode SafariDownloader+ Safariswiper SaveGram ShowCase SmartBatteryPercentage Speed Intensifier SpringBoardAccess Springtomize 3 StatusVol 2 Substrate Safe Mode Swipe for more Swipeselection Pro TaiG 8.1-8.x Untether Timeuntilalarm Typestatus WatchNotifications Winterboard zepplin 3G Unrestrictor

(13 Aug '15, 17:21) Exploding_Fires Exploding_Fires's gravatar image

And your sources ? .....Which part of " please do not leave out any requested info" do you not understand ?

Why have emoji8.3 when your on 8.4 ?

(13 Aug '15, 17:24) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

Oh yeah sorry!And because it gives you the spock emoji and all of the flags,, Bigboss repo, Charlie Hewitt`s Repo -, Chewmieser - Cydia/Telesphoreo, Decimation -, Elijah and Andrew -,,, modmyi,,,, ZodTTD & MacCiti

(13 Aug '15, 17:32) Exploding_Fires Exploding_Fires's gravatar image

so where did you get appsync unified, and for what reason?

(13 Aug '15, 18:01) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

I uninstalled a Notification Center tweak and rebooted my device and it works now.

(13 Aug '15, 18:35) Exploding_Fires Exploding_Fires's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Solved" by theiphoneguy, 13 Aug '15, 18:43

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