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i need help! BAD. There was this tweak i downloaded called StatusHud 2 has really messed up everything on my phone!! First i have a iPhone 4 ios 7. the things this app did at first that messed up was every time i changed the volume my phone would respring. this should have been my warning to delete this tweak but instead i though just to switch it off to go use my other tweaks i got. as soon as i touched the off thing my phone froze. i turned it off hoping it would work but no i was stuck on a apple boot logo loop. about 2 hours past and still the boot logo was still there. i searched for 18 hours to try to find a fix. than i found out how to put my phone into safe mode i did that by turning it off than on than holding the volume up till it was back on than i deleted the tweak Status Hud 2. and now random app cause my phone to either respring, go into safemode or not open the app at all. app like safari,mail,dont work and apps like snapchat,facebook,meetme,vine,google,and chrome, cause my phone to either respring or go into safe mode. i need huge help fast on how to fix this. i use all of these apps very much so this is really getting in the way with that as well. so far i tried to delete tweaks, delete the "infected"apps and redownload them but nothing has worked and i have found nothing online on how to fix this. cause if i cant fix this i dont have a phone anymore. litterly

asked 22 Jul '15, 23:09

TOXICWASTEXD2's gravatar image


Please list your installed tweaks and repos/sources. Thanks

(22 Jul '15, 23:51) Codyjd1 Codyjd1's gravatar image

REPOs:bigboss, biteyourapple, cydia/telesphoreo, dtathemes repo, hackyouriphone, harrison apps repo, insanelyi repository,,, sinful iphone reop, xsellize, zodttd & macciti.....

Tweaks: action menu, action menu plus pack, activator, adidas logos for zepplin, applist, appsync for ios 7.0+, aptbackup, asphaleia, auxo 2 (ios 7), Beats by dr. dre zepplin, bigboss icon set, bloard, bya repo icons, cctoggles, crash reporter, cydia installer, cydia substrate,cylinder, display recorder, f.lux, five icon dock, hiddensettings7, ifile, linktunes for ios 7, locallapstore, lock screen tool, movie box, movie box (ios 7), no passcode block, pandora downloader, sbsettings, swipeselection pro, timepasscode pro, tinybar, wifi booster , wifi passwords, winterboard, zeppelin

thats all me repos and tweaks

(23 Jul '15, 00:54) TOXICWASTEXD2 TOXICWASTEXD2's gravatar image

No wonder you're having issues. Restore to stock iOS in iTunes and re-jailbreak. This time don't add all those pirate repos and cracked tweaks/apps, and you'll find that things run much smoother.

(23 Jul '15, 01:51) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

That's what I can't do I don't have a computer to do it on. Also everything was running just perfect before the crash

(23 Jul '15, 02:04) TOXICWASTEXD2 TOXICWASTEXD2's gravatar image

Is there anything I can do instead of rejailbreaking?

(23 Jul '15, 02:13) TOXICWASTEXD2 TOXICWASTEXD2's gravatar image

stop wasting our time. Do what spockers said, or don't do what spockers said. Enough.

(23 Jul '15, 02:24) Hebbydyr Hebbydyr's gravatar image

Thanks for the helpful comment hebbydyr..

(23 Jul '15, 13:41) TOXICWASTEXD2 TOXICWASTEXD2's gravatar image

@Hebbydyr Please don't be rude as he clearly states he doesn't have a computer right now to fix it on. @TOXICWASTEXD2 I would suggest uninstalling Cydia substrate as this will remove all your tweaks. Then remove all the piracy repos you have added. Also install Icleaner from Cydia and run it. Finally ,only install tweaks from the default repos and you shouldn't have problems.

(23 Jul '15, 13:46) Codyjd1 Codyjd1's gravatar image

Have you noticed any substrate updates or anything in Cydia. Also what does crash reporter say before it crashes your springboard. You may be having a low memory issue.

(23 Jul '15, 18:01) Alasmic Alasmic's gravatar image

Thanks @codyjd1 you helped a lot! And @Alasmic crash reporter hasn't said anything about any crashes. It's weird and no I have about 6gb of memory

(23 Jul '15, 20:39) TOXICWASTEXD2 TOXICWASTEXD2's gravatar image

Also everything was running just perfect before the crash


(24 Jul '15, 00:36) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image
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