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Just updated and re-jailbroke iPad 2 from 6.1.3 to 8.4, I was wondering if SB Settings is available for 8.4 or if there is a good alternative available, as I used SB Settings alot to free up RAM on my device to make it run faster and to stop lagging out of apps, if anyone knows of any way to get SB Settings on 8.4 or a good alternative that lets you control you're RAM then please let me know, any suggestions will be much appreciated, thank you.

(I have tried iCleaner, it's good but just not as fast and flashy as SB Settings)

asked 20 Jul '15, 11:49

BenBhogal's gravatar image


SBSettings is compatible with iOS 8.4. So go ahead download it. The texture might see a little weird but its working fine.


answered 03 Aug '15, 06:44

FlashbangDK's gravatar image


No it's not compatible.

(03 Aug '15, 06:48) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

Uhm. Explain me this then?

(03 Aug '15, 06:51) FlashbangDK FlashbangDK's gravatar image

Lol it hadn't worked fully since iOS 7 it even says so on that image you posted , just because it installs doesn't make it compatible ....the file system has changed loads since it was last updated so many feature dont work .... It also will conflict with many newer tweaks folks use.

It's also not needed anymore due to many of apples additions to things like control centre and other tweaks are available and are smaller

(03 Aug '15, 06:55) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

It says it aint compatible. But its stable. That means you can use it. And i got ALOT of tweaks installed. I just removed it earlier today, cause im trying to find a fix on a other thing (most of my tweaks is deleted atm.) I had it in long time and has never conflicted. And it says its not iOS 7 compatible that doesn't mean iOS 8 aint. It said that iOS 7 isn't. but it didn't said it didn't worked since iOS 7.

(03 Aug '15, 06:58) FlashbangDK FlashbangDK's gravatar image

I'm not arguing I'm stating fact.

(03 Aug '15, 07:01) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

cMemory from the AppStore is good for clearing ram and background processes I think it is free if I remember hope this helps

(04 Aug '15, 05:42) Hambo999 Hambo999's gravatar image
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