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Hey there! I am running an iOS 8.4 on an iPhone 4s through a Cydia jailbreak. I having many problems opening safari and snapchat while not in safe mode. When I am in safe mode they work fine. I have tried removing recent jailbreak tweaks but resulted in the crashing yet again. I then installed crash reporter but for some reason it wouldn't open. Please someone help resolve this issue!

list tweaks and sources please

(16 Jul '15, 23:22) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Sources - Big Boss, insanlyi, modmyi, repo666, XModGames, ZodTTD & MacCiti

Tweaks - CrashReporter, Accentify, IAP Crack for iOS 7 (Tested and it also works or iOS 8) P.S. My app still worked after installing the iOS 7 IAP Crack so I don't believe that is it.

(17 Jul '15, 00:14) DylanY2k DylanY2k's gravatar image

I don't understand?

(17 Jul '15, 00:31) DylanY2k DylanY2k's gravatar image

Could you help me understand how iis against the rules? This is my first jailbreak so I am clueless? Please tell me and I will remove it right away.

(17 Jul '15, 00:33) DylanY2k DylanY2k's gravatar image

you have a piracy repo and an in app purchases crack. When you clicked ask a question, it says what not to ask about (piracy) and you added a repo and the other stuff and you "didnt know"?

(17 Jul '15, 01:14) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

No sir I didn't care to read it. My apologies. But, they have been removed. And I didn't know that was what that was. My friend installed my jailbreak. I was informed that it increases ram so when I opened youtube it seemed like it ran faster so I thought it was working right. I apologize for I am not a very technical savvy person. I did however, find that the result of my crah was Accentify. Oh and I would appreciate you not get an attitude with me over something I had no understanding of. And you "didn't know".

(17 Jul '15, 22:15) DylanY2k DylanY2k's gravatar image

Oh and I knew what the mod games was but had no understanding of the repo. But, I still have the mod games installed due to it having no relation to piracy under my use.

(17 Jul '15, 22:17) DylanY2k DylanY2k's gravatar image

I also didn't know how to operate the repo or whatever it is because I got noting for free due to my cluelessness on how to active that thing.

(17 Jul '15, 22:18) DylanY2k DylanY2k's gravatar image


(17 Jul '15, 23:53) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Piracy (against the rules)" by theiphoneguy, 17 Jul '15, 00:26

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