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I have a 3GS locked to EE. The OS is 6.1.6, Baseband 05.16.08, serial 87138XQ1EDG. I used p0sixspwn ios6 to jail break it. Since the jailbreak, it displays 'searching' for a long time, then no service. I wanted it to be usable on any network, but now it doesn't even work on it's native network :-( . I tried restoring it and resetting it but it's still the same. I haven't tried Redsn0w as I saw the warning about serial numbers in a certain range (in which mine falls) should not use this software. Have I bricked the phone, or is there anything else I could try? Many thanks...

asked 13 Jul '15, 15:04

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Jailbreak does not mean unlock. No every 3Gs can be unlocked via software, many of them CANNOT BE. Follow this tutorial to determine if your 3Gs can be unlocked. If so, proceed accordingly.


answered 13 Jul '15, 15:40

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Thanks slavakulikoff. I know jailbreak doesn't mean unlock, but the unlocking methods I've seen so far state the phone must be jailbroken to then unlock it. Thanks for the link to the tutorial - my phone was manufactured in week 38 of 2011, three weeks after the 'window' of weeks 28 - 35 where the deadline falls. The problem is that it does not work on ANY network now, wifi is OK. So, I'm no further on..

(13 Jul '15, 16:15) iDIOT iDIOT's gravatar image

yours is too new and cannot be software unlocked. flashing the ipad baseband will break it. if you have installed ultrasn0w, remove it and you should get service on EE if thats who its locked to.

(14 Jul '15, 02:33) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Thanks, theiphoneguy. Is Ultrasn0w removal, simply a question of deleting it in Cydia?

(14 Jul '15, 03:32) iDIOT iDIOT's gravatar image


(14 Jul '15, 04:14) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

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