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I'm following a guide to downgrade my iphone 4S from 8.4 to 6.1.3. People are confirming it works even within the past few days.

The phone is already jailbroken and I'm at a step where I just loaded some files from the computer. Now I need to go into DFU after which I use WinSCP to send some commands for those files.

My power button doesn't work though, so as far as I know, I have to use the Enter DFU ispw that I've already made from Redsn0w.

Will that ruin my process here? Will it wipe the current phone configuration?

IF SO (and I'm getting way ahead into possible-nonsense just in case you guys give me bad news), I found this guide for what sounds like something like a manual version of the EnterDFU ispw.

Assuming those (or similar) steps will still work, is there a way to make an ispw from what's on my iphone now, like an image, and tweak that to force DFU?


asked 09 Jul '15, 12:27

Sp3ctre18's gravatar image


Save issues and get button fixed's cheap especially if you do it yourself

(09 Jul '15, 12:55) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

what do you mean by "save issues"?

The power button has never been a big deal - until now, I see, lol. So yes, I do plan on trying it soon. If you guys think I don't have a solution here, maybe I'll do it right away then. Otherwise, I'd rather get down with the software issues before moving onto another issue.

(09 Jul '15, 13:02) Sp3ctre18 Sp3ctre18's gravatar image

He means that if you repair your button you will be saved from these kind of issues :P

(09 Jul '15, 13:17) King Shoot King%20Shoot's gravatar image

Hey guys so I could be wrong but he said 4s? Downgrading left us after the iPhone 4. So no matter what there's no going back. Especially that far without blobs. Just sayin. Have a good one

(09 Jul '15, 14:30) SILVERNINA SILVERNINA's gravatar image

almost, but it seems there are still ways. Like I said, the guide I'm following is on a message board and people are saying it works (if you speak chinese, here it is: It's a work around or mod ofthe current odysseusOTA, because at the moment that's only for Mac and Linux.

Guys, my question is pretty simple, could someone answer please? Is using Enter DFU ipsw destructive or no?

(09 Jul '15, 14:40) Sp3ctre18 Sp3ctre18's gravatar image

DFU IPSW will simply make an IPSW for downgrading an put you in DFU at the same time. It won't affect device data in any way. It will only put you in DFU.

Though I'm not sure it works with a 4S. I thought that it only works with A4 devices.

(09 Jul '15, 14:59) King Shoot King%20Shoot's gravatar image

It does work with 4S, i've already done it. So you're thinking it won't remove my jailbreak? Well, I guess I'll go try it out soon then, and if I don't get any other replies before then, I'll report what happens.

(09 Jul '15, 15:16) Sp3ctre18 Sp3ctre18's gravatar image

Op, dfu ipsw is the ipsw you need to restore you device to, and ONLY difference is that after restore device will remain in PWNed du mode, so, yeah, you will loose all data.

(09 Jul '15, 15:54) slavakulikoff slavakulikoff's gravatar image

Actually it won't be in pwned dfu, as that requires a bootrom exploit. The downgrade process uses an iBoot exploit, which is not the same thing. In any case, the DFU ipsw almost certainly won't work, as it fails restore with itunes error 37, leaving the device in DFU but with no working operating system. That's my understanding of it anyway. Go ahead and try it, I could be wrong and it doesn't hurt to test it. ;)

(09 Jul '15, 16:06) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Correct, @spockers. I missed 4"s" part.

(09 Jul '15, 17:44) slavakulikoff slavakulikoff's gravatar image

an iTunes error is expected, as far as I know. The guide (and others) I had followed for that said so ( and like I said before, the DFU ipsw DID work before for a separate matter.

As we suspected, it was probably wiped / no OS / etc. with that ipsw so yeah, I got nowhere there. I'm going to load up a MacOS VM while looking into fixing my power button.

thanks to all so far

(09 Jul '15, 21:30) Sp3ctre18 Sp3ctre18's gravatar image

Hey guys, I'm back. I was away for a bit because of scary developments. My phone still booted into a clean restore and while installing my Mac VM I found an alternate version of the downgrade process that uses someone's scripts or code or whatever I guess, that makes the phone enter DFU without my interaction (and thus, no DFU ispw). (note the "alternate, easier step 1" and how it goes into "kDFU.")

I was on the last step of the downgrade when ... something happened. I actually don't remember anymore. Failed I guess. But I remember trying to rerun it and couldn't because I couldn't re-establish the connection with my phone. I decided to try a restore on itunes but it failed because I ran out of disk space. -.- The UNPACK failed, yet my phone went off and...stayed off. No signs of power and NOT recognized by any computer. So my phone bricked. I don't get it. Apple store considered it hopeless.

What do you think happened? That's my only question here. Otherwise, I am simply updating this post for the record. So what do you think happened? Especially considering...

My phone is revived!! My last teeny thread of hope was that the battery would drain down and somehow it would work after that, since I've heard people do it. I plugged it in for a final check and got the low battery screen. Yay!

So...yeah. Interesting. I guess I can re-attempt the downgrade now.

BTW, The power button fix doesn't seem so simple or easy. I don't mind the effort, but taking apart the whole thing, small parts that can fly out, possibly having to buy a couple of tools, and having to carefully choose and pay for a good quality, new power button assembly... I'm considering the $50 repair at the only good shop in the area - or finding someone selling their old 4s. Once I get a new iPhone, I won't mind going in with my own hands, but right now, i have no real backup iPhone if I ruin this one.

(11 Jul '15, 19:19) Sp3ctre18 Sp3ctre18's gravatar image

I guess I have moved beyond the scope of my original question. Can someone summarize with an actual answer based off my experience so we can mark this thread with the answer? Remember, the DFU ispw DOES work if you have the right redsn0w and ios ispw (pure experimentation on my part).

I guess the best way to answer and also complete my understanding is, what EXACTLY does the DFU ispw do? Does it YES, ruin the downgrade process I linked to because it RESTORES / LOADS a clean iOS that causes DFU ONLY immediately after? OR is it an iOS that will ALWAYS boot into DFU and never the usable OS? OR does it NOT wipe and actually only ADDS this DFU command, preserving the phone? Something else?

All I know is, I think it did wipe.

(11 Jul '15, 19:26) Sp3ctre18 Sp3ctre18's gravatar image

Guess whose iPhone 4S is back in iOS6? ^^

Thanks all for the comments and help

(12 Jul '15, 12:38) Sp3ctre18 Sp3ctre18's gravatar image

i downgraded my 4s without even using any buttons :) i used a guide on reddit. you dont need any dfu ipsw either.

check out this reddit post


answered 12 Jul '15, 12:08

xxthepersonx's gravatar image


Yup, I have that linked above in a comment already. That's the one I was using, although it doesn't seem to include a step I needed that was on the Chinese guide: installing openSSH and Core Utilities in Cydia.

And it worked. :) I'm all good!

(12 Jul '15, 12:38) Sp3ctre18 Sp3ctre18's gravatar image
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