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iPhone 6 plus iOS 8.3 jailbreak. After I installed the jailbreak I noticed that my standby time and my usage time are the same. I disabled everything possible that can use background stuff, but after jailbreaking everything has been the same which makes me think that it is one of the tweaks. A couple of things has showed up on my detailed battery usage for background stuff. The tweaks I installed are as follows :

Applist barneys ringtone call connect ccsettings for iOS 8 detailed battery usage ifile lockpages locus ncsingletap clear no low power alert snap master subtlelock iOS 8 tetherme IOS 8 tone enabler whatsapp read receipt disabler whatsapp unlimited media whatsapp web enabler zeppelin

On detailed batter usage is says Screen off 4% backboardd mediaserverd aggregated locationed itunesstored

please help me!

asked 05 Jul '15, 22:26

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closed 06 Jul '15, 04:56

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theiphoneguy ♦

jailbreaking wont give you like 20% more battery life, usually not even 1% unless you do some drastic disabling.

Tetherme, was it the free version?

(05 Jul '15, 23:33) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Yea, tetherme is free version. I mean I like disabled like almost everything for battery life. I just don't know whats draining in the backend when I'm not using my phone...

(06 Jul '15, 00:14) doggomoo doggomoo's gravatar image

There is no free version. Stop pirating and you'll find that everything works better.

(06 Jul '15, 00:19) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

still does not explain what is running in the background

(06 Jul '15, 02:53) doggomoo doggomoo's gravatar image

who knows with it being pirated. Who knows how they butchered the code. thats why i asked if it was the free version. There is no free version. Learned that neato little trick from @spockers

(06 Jul '15, 04:55) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Piracy (against the rules)" by theiphoneguy, 06 Jul '15, 04:56

Sorry, no piracy.


answered 06 Jul '15, 04:55

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theiphoneguy ♦

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