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Hi there,

I was using my iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1.2 jailbroken until yesterday which I upgraded to 8.4, also with jailbreak. Battery was never an issue to mw until now with a lot of consumption. It's draining at a rate of about 400-500 ma using BatteryLife tweak to monitor. I restored to 8.3, jailbroke it and same issue. I didn't even loaded my backup or installed any apps or tweaks (either in cydia or app store) that could possibly be draining the battery. Checked all the settings, and don't have the GPS on all the time, which could potentially be the cause. So I wonder if it's an issue with jailbreak itself and it might be solved in the near future with some core/native cydia app/tweak update or will I be forced to avoid jailbreak itself in order to get at least decent battery life?

Any input will be highly appreciated ...

asked 02 Jul '15, 10:39

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edited 02 Jul '15, 10:50

I've been a jailbreaker for a while now and I can say that your problem is not with the jailbreak it self but the tweaks. Some times a certain tweak with another tweak can kill battery faster than by them selves. It could even be the battery saver tweaks you use;some of them take life rather than save.also iOS 8.3-8.4 seem to have a bit less life. Hope this helped you in some way


answered 02 Jul '15, 10:59

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edited 02 Jul '15, 13:08

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Thank for the input. Definitely helpful. In order to test if the problem was with a tweak itself, I restored the firmware to original 8.4 with iTunes, then jailbroke it and the only tweak I installed was BatteryLife from cydia so I could measure the battery draining current. That's what's bothering me ...

(02 Jul '15, 11:03) avai avai's gravatar image

My battery life is GREAT on iOS 8.4. It's a tweak you have installed

(02 Jul '15, 11:31) Shonc502 Shonc502's gravatar image

Same here ...never have issues. As for 8.3-8.4 having less battery life can not claim that .....device specific ....and what user is doing ...done ..... My iPad 2 on 8.3-8.4 has more battery life then any other iOS 8.X

(02 Jul '15, 13:07) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

I'm not claiming it has "less battery" than the previous versions, just saying after the update I noticed something weird going on. As for a specific tweak that could be causing the issue, it's unlikely because I have NO tweaks from Cydia (except BatteryLife which I used to test the Battery Draining Current levels) and NO apps from the App Store (except the ones that comes installed with the iOS). That's what is weird ...

(02 Jul '15, 13:20) avai avai's gravatar image

I have been jailbreaking since ios 4 and the jailbreak itself has never eaten any extra battery life. The tweaks or themes installed are most likely the cause. Do some google searches to find reviews before you install something from cydia, especially before just pressing the add anyway button on a new source. This has always helped me but im just an overly careful person sometimes. Hope that this helps :)


answered 02 Jul '15, 13:36

D3ATHincarnate's gravatar image


Yes it helps, thank you. I'm an old jailbreaker too, since iPhone 2nd generations actually. The thing is that I'm aware of possible tweaks that could potentialy be the cause of the battery drain, although as I mentioned before, I didn't install ANY tweaks or apps and the battery still drain drastically. I'm doing another full restore and will test the battery behaviour before jailbreaking again ...

(02 Jul '15, 13:47) avai avai's gravatar image

@avai I would leave it for a few hours as often after a restore it takes a bit for the software to settle down so that's why it usually drains faster for the first bit.

(02 Jul '15, 14:00) Codyjd1 Codyjd1's gravatar image

Same thing here. I have not been able to pinpoint the reason.

Question: do you notice the battery draining more overall, or just when it's active? I've been noticing that even when idle my 8.3 iPhone 6 drains more rapidly; it's not a tweak.

Is there any way to see what's running in the background?


answered 02 Jul '15, 22:03

Manlnblack's gravatar image


Install "detailedbatteryusage" and it will tell you everything that is draining your battery in settings

(02 Jul '15, 22:49) Codyjd1 Codyjd1's gravatar image

I am analysing more carefully and making a bunch of different tests in order to stress out and try to find out what is really happening. So far looks like the battery is a lot better, but still not ideal. I did a fresh DFU restore to iOS 8.4 then jailbroke it using TaiG 2.2.1, but this time I didn't uploaded my backup from iTunes. Instead I started to use as a new phone, just syncing with. I'll keep testing and posting any changes that may or may not happen from now on ...


answered 03 Jul '15, 22:11

avai's gravatar image



Apple music on IOS 8.4 confirmed to drain battery to up to 60% more on extreme cases.


answered 04 Jul '15, 00:07

steste's gravatar image



60% more that what ? Doing nothing ..... Surprise a music app that now streams etc uses battery ...go figure.....who confirmed it ?

(04 Jul '15, 02:50) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

Lol @Tilerone your comment made my day haha :)

(04 Jul '15, 02:53) Codyjd1 Codyjd1's gravatar image

How are you commenting on JBQA? INTERNET. Why don't you step out of your otaku zone and watch the news. Geez. @Tilerone

(04 Jul '15, 03:44) steste steste's gravatar image
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