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Why is it that no matter what we do we can not seem to get people to just do a little research on a service before they engage.

Just using the example from below (please don't take it the wrong way) .... I just want to know if there is an avenue we can travel to better assure that people will understand a concept before engaging in a project or service that ultimately could damage a product or device. I honestly don't see how we make it even possible for a person to plug a cable to their pc and their device and click to a program readily awaiting when they have no clue how destructive it could be. I mean, please understand I have nothing but positive intensions here....but the user is stating he just did a jailbreak, but why no tweaks? The first thing to do is research anything in it's entirety before clicking go. And the net right now is filled with "8.3 jb; however-no substrate yet". I don't even see how someone downloaded it without knowing.

Please do anything you all can in order to help your friends understand to take literally just five minutes to read a bit before going willy-nilly and downloading and connecting a device for a who knows what may be crucial to the product and software development of future generations of technology and most importantly our own human development of the underlying general core "true" learning curve and establishment of sound reason for future evolution and therefor production of all our technology. ( i.e., I don't think the wheel would have ever been invented if we just kept picking up rocks and just throwing them down a hill thinking their shape was good to go.... Somebody had to think for a second and carve the stone into a smooth round shape ) So please, help others learn to be stone carvers of the future... Not just rock tosser a of the past.

Your thoughts people ??

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You're preaching to the choir, but this isn't church, sorry. This is more like the help desk at your local library.


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meds need adjusting. just a little.

(24 Jun '15, 00:49) Hebbydyr Hebbydyr's gravatar image

Blame Youtube

(24 Jun '15, 01:48) mikewsw17 mikewsw17's gravatar image

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