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If I connect jailbroken iPad to iTunes, I have only option to updgrade it to iOS 8.3 from ios 6, how can I upgrade to iOS that can be jailbroken later with reliable jailbreak? Do I download separately software and how do I install that manually then?

asked 15 May '15, 02:27

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closed 15 May '15, 08:21

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Remove your piracy as already told then you might find it works can't upgrade to anything but 8.3

(15 May '15, 02:35) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

Wtf? I edited question. How to upgrade iOS 6 to ios 7 lets say bypassing iTunes? iTunes upgrades only to iOS 8.3?! Delete cydia whatsoever or what is the proposal? Why do you have to be so rude? I'm not programmer, I'm trying to make my son's iPad work and all the freaking apps including PAID LEGAL prolinquo for autism typing that asks for update says I have to have iOS 7 or later to work. It costed 300$. And it stopped working, I tried illegal and it worked a while then started to crash on next update as well. It's like a dictionary app for non verbal people that needs upgrades on words and signs constantly. So no one of all people on forum knows how to upgrade from iOS 6 to 7?

(15 May '15, 02:43) Deleted1111 Deleted1111's gravatar image

No it's not possible. That's the only answer. it's not like we don't know, it's just not possible at all right now

(15 May '15, 03:09) Codyjd1 Codyjd1's gravatar image

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I would personally stay where you are and not upgrade until a jailbreak is actually released for the latest firmware because we don't know when it will happen. Plus I don't think you want to loose your jailbreak. If you are wanting to loose your jailbreak, then just backup and restore in iTunes. But remember there is no jailbreak for the latest version of iOS (8.3).


answered 15 May '15, 02:32

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No, I want to jailbreak it later but still need to upgrade. How can I download let's say iOS 7 and then upgrade it to it? My iTunes is laters version, do I have to downgrade it?

(15 May '15, 02:34) Deleted1111 Deleted1111's gravatar image

You can't. You can only upgrade to iOS 8.3 as that is the only iOS version that Apple is currently signing.

(15 May '15, 02:36) Codyjd1 Codyjd1's gravatar image

You can't 8.3 ONLY....

(15 May '15, 02:37) Tilerone Tilerone's gravatar image

Thank you. I guess the privilege of communication devices is that they actually work all the time you need them compare to iPad apps. He just hates the fact that nothing else you can do on it, so I guess I would just buy mini instead of air so tablets for fun and for life are not too heavy in backpack.

(15 May '15, 02:56) Deleted1111 Deleted1111's gravatar image

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