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How to fix some mysterious problems.

I've installed springtomize 3, Touch ID, f.lux eclipse 2 before I started to get these issues. And even tried to uninstall them to see if that fixed the issue but did not.

Here's a list of what I've been experiencing.

  • When I drag slowly the drag is shakey.

  • unresponsive to touch at times or on keyboard.

  • tapping / clicking on some things don't go through or freeze up.

  • Jumping around the pages when I try to drag to scroll down. Sometimes restarting to the very top of screen

  • Overall glitchy response to touch and gestures.

  • Seems to get worse the longer I have my device on and usually have to restart at least once a day.

Even when I disable the cydia package that loads the cydia apps forgot the name to it where you have to turn off the phone and when you boot it you hold down the plus volume button and brings the phone into a "safe" mode it still does this glitchy touch response.

I know how to navigate through the root folders and would like some expert advice on how to fix this very tedious issue.

Would hate to restore and wait for the jailbreak community to catch up to the latest iOS.


What sources did you download the tweaks from? Does it do it when it's charging/not charging?

(12 Mar '15, 22:41) Codyjd1 Codyjd1's gravatar image

Neither charging or not charging. I don't know what sources I downloaded recently before this happened. But I can list them all since it's not many just a few like big boss and repo?

(12 Mar '15, 22:47) Aladarious Aladarious's gravatar image

ZodTTD and MacCiti


Are all of the ones I have.

(12 Mar '15, 22:49) Aladarious Aladarious's gravatar image

Hmm and you said it does it when it's charging and also when it's not charging?

(12 Mar '15, 22:51) Codyjd1 Codyjd1's gravatar image

Yeah, charging doesn't make a difference.

(12 Mar '15, 22:56) Aladarious Aladarious's gravatar image

Uninstall Cydia Substrate, install iCleaner, run its 'clean' option, respring, install Cydia Substrate again and reboot.


answered 12 Mar '15, 22:54

Tony99's gravatar image


I will attempt that now.

(12 Mar '15, 22:57) Aladarious Aladarious's gravatar image

And have icleaner already installed too haha.

(12 Mar '15, 22:57) Aladarious Aladarious's gravatar image

How do I install Cydia Substrate again?

When I look for "Cydia Substrate" it does not come up. I tried refreshing the sources too.

(12 Mar '15, 23:12) Aladarious Aladarious's gravatar image

I did as you said and had trouble with getting the Cydia substrate back.

But getting the source parrot geek helped fixed that problem and was able to get substrate back and from the looks of it everything has been fixed and the touch commands are more responsive thank you so much

I'll update on what caused this problem after I install some of the tweaks I mentioned earlier and see what caused this issue in the first place.

Once again thanks!

(12 Mar '15, 23:29) Aladarious Aladarious's gravatar image

Substrate is automatically installed whenever you install a tweak which depends on it (the vast majority of tweaks do). Adding a source to get it isn't a good idea, you probably just didn't see it in a list/search because you have your user level at "user" instead of "hacker" or "developer," which filters out low-level packages.

(12 Mar '15, 23:44) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Well when I installed the substrate again after awhile it's starting to do the same symptoms as I mentioned above and seems to not have worked.

Still haven't installed any tweaks.

Maybe I should clear the sources and try again?

(13 Mar '15, 00:04) Aladarious Aladarious's gravatar image
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